Have you considered using video as part of your marketing strategy? Creating your own videos is a valuable opportunity to develop a personal connection with a client – without having to jump on the phone or meet at your office.

We know that getting started with video can be overwhelming for financial advisors. Where do you even begin? On a recent episode of our podcast, we went through the basics that advisors need to get started with video. Read this guide, then listen to the episode in its entirety, and you’ll be ready for “Lights, Camera, Action” in no time!

Financial Advisor Video Guide

Step One: The Camera

Do you need to buy a camera to get started with video marketing? The surprising answer is no! When you’re creating your first financial advisor videos, a webcam or smartphone is perfectly sufficient. If your existing web camera is lower quality, you can buy an affordable one that plugs into your computer and sits on top of your monitor.

Just make sure you have a setup that allows the camera to be at eye-level, whether that’s with the webcam, or purchasing a tripod to setup your phone. If you start making more videos and want to level up, buying a nicer video camera is a great option for year two. 


Step Two: The Script

Whether or not you use a script or improvise depends on your comfort and the topic. If you’re creating a casual finanical advisor video about your office or a more general financial topic, improvising is a great option. But if you’re concerned about compliance, writing a script ahead of time and sending get it approved will keep you from having to re-shoot the entire video.

You might feel really comfortable having an off-the-cuff conversation with the camera. Or, you might prefer to read something, and know you can give a natural delivery that way. Practice and see what you’re good at!

The nice thing about using your web camera is that you can put the script on your screen and read it from there. Just make sure it doesn’t sound like you’re reading. 


Step Three: Filming Location

Your office or home should be your first thought when it comes to filming location. It’s where your clients think of you, and it’s easy! But you want to make sure the room looks nice and doesn’t have anything too distracting. Ideally, the room also has a good natural light source, such as a window or skylight, to keep you well-lit. Test it out by filming something in that spot, and see how it looks!

If you don’t have a space that works well for video, then you can get creative! Do you have a nice patio outside your home with a killer background? Do you have a friend with a great office or library setup you can borrow? It all depends on finding a location where you feel comfortable, that is easy to set up, and available to keep filming in, time after time. 


Step Four: Accessories 

Do you need microphones and lights for a financial advisor video? If you’re just making a simple video indoors, and you have a good natural light source in your filming location, you shouldn’t need anything extra. But if you’re working outside or in a larger space like a lecture hall, a small lavalier microphone might be helpful. If you need some extra lighting, it’s easy to buy a starter lighting kit. Both of these things can be found with a quick Google search for a relatively affordable price. 

If you choose to upgrade your equipment after you start regularly making videos, you may find you want to invest in microphones and lights as well. 


Step Five: Editing

Instead of worrying about learning a new skill, try shooting your video in just one take! This makes it feel easy and familiar to your audience and keeps things simple. If you are shooting the video just sitting at your desk talking to a camera, editing different parts together won’t look very seamless.

If you’re filming and mess up, just start over. Often times, you may find your second (or third or sixth) take is even better. As you practice, you’ll be more succinct and feel more comfortable. 

If you’re making something more complicated, the editing software that came with your computer (iMovie for Apple or Windows Movie Editor for PC) should do just find. You can also invest in something like Adobe Premiere if you feel comfortable with editing and want to add a lot of text, images, and other elements. 


Get Started with Financial Advisor Videos

Don’t miss the full episode, “Guide to Video Creation for Financial Advisors” with our VP of Creative, Brandon Brown. It’s full of great advice to help you start filming today!