Let us do it for you

If marketing feels like a lot of work, we’ll do it for you.
Our marketing experts will design and execute a marketing plan and meet with you monthly to review results and refine the approach.


Tell us about your business

We’ll learn about your business, understand your objectives, and assess your current marketing activities. And don’t worry about uploading contacts or designing your email template, we’ll take care of everything.


Deliver a consistent experience

Every month, we can add your new clients to our exclusive New Client Welcome Series, the Monthly Market Insights video newsletter, and our automated birthday campaign.


Sit back while we execute

Review your customized monthly calendar with your marketing strategist. Provide feedback and we’ll take care of the rest. And as breaking news occurs, we’ll write timely content and send it out on your behalf.
Monthly marketing strategy

A new calendar of activities every month

Each month, your dedicated Marketing Strategist will create a custom marketing plan leveraging exclusive Do It For Me content and strategy direction from our marketing thought leaders. Your Marketing Strategist will review the plan with you, make adjustments based on feedback, and execute it on your behalf.
Exclusive HNW Content

Brand New: Exclusive Do It For Me content in minutes

In addition to working with your marketing strategist to provide strategic direction for your monthly marketing activities, our own marketing thought leaders are now writing exclusive content that is only available to our Do It For Me customers. The content includes highly authentically written client and prospect emails, engaging social posts, and timely pieces added as news unfolds.

Your own dedicated Marketing Strategist

Your dedicated Marketing Strategist gets to know you – your business, your style, your interests, and your personality. Leveraging the exclusive Do It For Me content and strategic direction from our marketing thought leaders, combined with hand-picked content from our award-winning library, your Marketing Strategist will curate a custom monthly marketing calendar, incorporate your feedback, and execute. We take care of everything so you can focus on your business.
Talking with clients and business development are things only I can do. When I focus on what I do best, the business grows. I know that I need to market and communicate with clients, but there is only so much time in a day. I outsource to my Do-it-for-me team, and my marketing is handled. I get a monthly status update, so I know the strategy and can understand what is working well or what we need to do more of. It’s a game-changer.

Do It For Me? That's music to my ears!

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