How It Works

MarketingCentral offers unlimited opportunities to connect with prospects and clients, and grow your business. Discover how it works, from setup to more advanced marketing strategies.

Step 01

Activate your MarketingCentral account

Just fill out the form! Once your new account is set up, you’ll be able to send emails, integrate your social media accounts to post content, manage and promote client events, share content, and send personalized greeting cards.

Step 02

Update your profile and add contacts

Customize your profile with contact information and branding. Then connect your CRM or upload a list of your contacts* so you can start sending messages. This makes it easy to turn on automated marketing campaigns and establish a consistent marketing schedule. Here’s a QuickStart Guide with detailed instructions.

Step 03

Need a website? Add it on!

Pair MarketingCentral with an FMG Suite website so you can manage all your lead generation and marketing efforts from one interface, and continuously drive traffic back to your website. Choose your perfect design and setup option and we’ll do a white-glove transfer of your old website content, apply any new copy or branding you’ve created, and voila! Your beautiful new website is ready to launch.

Step 04

Further automate your marketing

MarketingCentral offers you automated campaigns created by Cetera. If you’re looking for more automated campaign options that span across email and social, upgrade to the Connect™ package or above. This can free up more of your time, nurture client relationships, and generate new leads 24/7.

Step 05

Get help from a team of assistants.

Add premium marketing services with FMG Suite’s Elevate™ package and receive help from a team that helps you execute and tackle regular marketing tasks, plus premium services like SEO, coaching, and copywriting.

Sign up for MarketingCentral today and learn how to best leverage these tools to optimize your marketing.


*1,000 contacts per financial professional at no cost and $10/mo per additional 1,000 contacts uploaded