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Simply upgrade to an FMG Suite Marketing Package and Receive MarketingPro FOR FREE. (**For New FMG Suite Subscribers ONLY**)

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FMG Suite is the only marketing suite designed specifically for advisors by advisors that also includes all of the following:

  • Professionally designed and integrated website
  • Automated email campaigns
  • Lead generation forms and pop-ups
  • Social scheduler and auto poster
  • FINRA approved content library with hundreds of articles, videos, and infographics

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Your website sets you apart. Get a professional-looking website that highlights your brand, connects with clients, and attracts new leads. We’ll even preload your site with beautiful, compelling content. Plus, get access to simple, intuitive tools to customize your site, analytics tools to check your site’s performance, and compliance tools that alleviate the pain of creating dynamic content.

Content Library

FMG Suite has an educational content library built right into the platform. Get over 400 compliant, timely, and highly engaging pieces of content, including videos, infographics, articles, calculators, and more. These content pieces are designed to position you as the authority on topics like retirement and investing.  They are accessible to clients and prospects through your website, through emails campaigns, or through your profiles on the major social platforms.

Automated Campaigns

Free up your time, nurture client relationships, and generate new leads with our automated campaigns. They are designed to deliver a stream of educational and engaging content with the right message to the right people at the right time.

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Email Marketing

Communication is everything, and email is still the most popular form of business communication. To keep your client relationships in tip-top shape, you need great tools to create effective email campaigns. With our Custom Email Builder, you can use sectional editing to create beautifully branded newsletter-style layouts, dropping in images or content pieces with a few clicks. You can also access our library of professionally-drafted, pre-written emails at any time.

Social Media Marketing

In order to find new prospects and convert them to clients, you need to be able to start a conversation and keep it going. That is the great opportunity that social marketing provides. The secret of any successful social media strategy is consistent content. To get results, you need an endless supply of great content and an easy way to post it, week in, week out, forever. That’s where we come in.

Through our Social Foundations automated campaign, pre-written, FINRA-reviewed social posts are automatically sent out on your behalf. Target your ideal clients with share-worthy content and clickable topics that will always traffic back to your website. Also, you can use our Social Post Scheduler to load up your posts, schedule them for a future date, and we’ll send them for you, automatically.


You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Get specific metrics to show how your campaigns are performing, find out who’s viewing your emails in real time, and get notifications whenever someone visits your site or views a content piece.

Marketing Coach

Marketing is an ongoing process, and we know that financial advisors do not always have the time for that. Your dedicated coach will create a personalized marketing plan that will provide you with proven strategies, production services, and digital tools with your specific needs in mind.

For any additional questions, advisors can contact our sales team at 858-251-2400.