A Tested Plan and Accountability that Guarantees Results

Most advisors want to grow their business but struggle with how to make it happen. FMG Suite has partnered with Carson Group to give you access to coaching and content that helps you achieve your short-term and long-term goals.

Take the Next Step to Grow Your Firm

Working with more than 1200 advisors across the country, Carson Group Coaching provides you with the right tools, training and team to help you reach your goals, increase productivity and, most importantly, bring value beyond a doubt to your clients. On average, our coaching members grow at 2.5x the industry standard over a two-year period. Additionally, 20% of our member advisors have become million-dollar firms.

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Executive Coaching & Consulting

Double Your Annual Growth Rate

Meaningful, measurable change requires accountability and execution. Carson Group’s Executive Business Coaches spend 200+ hours a week working with advisors like you, customizing plans for personal and professional success.

Through coaching, you’ll gain clarity on your greatest challenges and create a path to overcome your obstacles. You’ll find balance and attain sustainable business growth, while also living your purpose.

Content & Community

Practice Management Made Easy

In addition to your monthly coaching calls, you’ll receive ongoing support and direction through our practice management platform and business consulting services:

  • Online Library of Exercises, Templates & Tools
  • Culture-based Community of Advisors
  • Nationwide Events, Workshops & Conferences
  • Interactive, Video-based Lessons
  • Automated Client-facing Materials
  • Implementation Guides
  • Goals Tracker
  • Customized Solutions for Merger, Acquisition (M&A) and Succession Planning

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