As a busy financial advisor, you might feel like just as you integrate a new marketing tool into your business, a new one comes along. With over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, Chau Haner, VP of Marketing for FMG Suite, has seen how advisors’ marketing needs have changed over time.

In our latest podcast episode, Chau gives advisors the insight they need to take their marketing to the next level – without having to take a course.

If you’re frustrated by your lack of progress on Google search results or haven’t had the time to invest in your marketing yet, this discussion is a must-listen. You’ll walk away with valuable knowledge on how to:

  • Humanize your marketing and improve relationships with clients and prospects
  • Start creating engaging videos that save you time while growing your firm
  • Use original content as the secret ingredient for marketing success – and why its easier to create than you might think!

Check out this episode now so you don’t miss these timely pieces of marketing advice. 

How are successful financial advisors getting ahead? What are the major trends and challenges affecting financial advisors today? Which strategies and tactics do you need to grow faster? Find out here in the Market in Motion Podcast for Financial Advisors by FMG Suite, where we discuss the most important issues affecting financial advisors with the industry’s leading figures.

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Chau works with the FMG Suite marketing team to envision and generate creative, on-brand marketing strategies that drive real results and support our growth goals. Outside of work, you can find Chau trying out new restaurants with her husband, hiking with her two chocolate labs, or laying down a mean game of Scrabble or Words With Friends (challengers welcome!).