Discover how this financial planner provides value to gain referrals and grow his business

David Demars, MBA, CFP®, CLU, ChFC, is the owner of Demars Financial Group in Spokane, WA, and has acquired over 6 firms in the last few years, including one in Alaska. By serving over 500 clients, he has learned what it takes to reach his goal of being his clients’ “last ever financial planner.”

In this episode, David and host Mike Woods discuss how investing in marketing has made all the difference for his business. They break down how David has learned from his marketing mistakes to find strategies that grow his firm and strengthen his customer relationships. If you want to see how the right marketing strategy can take your firm to the next level, this is the podcast for you.

Listen to this episode for insights including:

  • How to position your business to be more referable
  • How to integrate video into your marketing and client relations
  • Ideas for events that gain referrals and grow relationships
  • Why David’s biggest regret is not investing in marketing earlier

Any advisor can learn from this accomplished financial planner and gain actionable tips to grow your business. Do you have your notebook ready?

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