This week, host Mike Woods is joined by Kelley Biondi, Director of Marketing at Strategies for Wealth. With over 20 years of experience, Kelley works to develop Strategies for Wealth’s internal and external marketing.

In this episode, Kelley dives into solutions to the most common marketing challenges advisors face – time, technology, and training. Listen in to learn how Strategies for Wealth:

  • Established a marketing and onboarding plan for 170+ advisors.
  • Addresses individual advisors to create a unique digital presence.
  • Taps into generational differences to create unique marketing opportunities.

Mike and Kelley also discuss how Strategies for Wealth adapted to COVID-19 and the use of remote communication to build and maintain trust. Tune in to learn how larger firms can overcome industry challenges and adopt new technology to enable marketing for their advisors.

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