After a long career with established financial institutions such as Merrill Lynch, State Farm, and SunTrust Bank, SunTrust Investment Services, Dana Wilson saw first hand how the lack of diversity in the industry was impacting her career and those around her. She decided to take matters into her own hands to improve visibility and access, and founded CHIP Professionals, a database for investors to find advisors of color.

Dana sits down with our VP of Marketing, Solange Jacobs Randolph, for an important conversation around bridging the gap between consumers and advisors of color and increasing conversations around wealth building. They discuss:

  • Why an investor may seek an advisor of color
  • How advisors can set the right expectations for client relationships
  • Why CHIP’s mission is so important for the industry today

Dana argues it’s not a pipeline problem when it comes to diversity in the industry; it’s about visibility. Don’t miss this episode for an understanding of how advisors can empower each other to help investors of all cultures find the help they need.