Rafi Rodriguez is one of FMG Suite’s super-users. He has used marketing tools, like Elevate, to establish a unique and compelling online presence.

Rafi Rodriguez is an RICP who runs Rodriguez Financial Strategies. He specializes in working with retirees, Department of Defense professionals, and business owners. He is also a huge believer in the power of online marketing.

From engaging social media to a powerfully designed website, Rafi takes advantage of FMG Suite’s tools to establish his online presence.

In this fascinating conversation, Rafi will explain how he:

  • Stays up to date on new marketing offerings 
  • Uses content to deepen relationships with clients
  • Harnesses the power of automation to simplify his marketing process

Rafi has been with FMG Suite since its inception and has enjoyed tremendous success by utilizing our tools and services. This podcast is a must for anyone who wants to understand the far-reaching
capabilities of digital marketing.