FMG Suite’s Lead Marketing Strategist, William Gunn, has helped hundreds of advisors refine their marketing. In this episode hosted by FMG Suite Compliance Chief Mike Woods, he discusses the four areas where advisors most need improvement: Branding, Communication, Office Systems, and Prospecting.

If you seek actionable advice to help build stronger client relationships and reach new prospects, you don’t want to miss this conversation. You’ll learn:

  • How to tell your story – and make it the foundation of all your marketing
  • Why William gives most advisors a “C” on their communication plan, and how to improve
  • The top way advisors can become more referable (hint: it’s probably not the same as it was 10 years ago)

Even if you don’t have much time for marketing (and we know this is the case for most advisors) this podcast episode provides bite-sized yet essential tips to grow your firm.


How are successful financial advisors getting ahead? What are the major trends and challenges affecting financial advisors today? Which strategies and tactics do you need to grow faster? Find out here in the Market in Motion Podcast for Financial Advisors by FMG Suite, where we discuss the most important issues affecting financial advisors with the industry’s leading figures.

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William Gunn has coached more than 500 financial advisors on their marketing strategies and helped these advisors become more referable to their clients. William is a Certified Business Coaching Specialist, Certified Business Development Expert, and has an MBA in Marketing.