FMG Suite is named the leader in digital marketing services in the T3 Inside Information software survey.


FMG Suite was recently named a top digital marketing software option for the financial industry by T3 (Technology Tools for Today). The third annual T3/Inside Information Software Survey sponsored by Morningstar and Orion Advisory Services provides a snapshot of the state of the industry by polling advisors across the US.

FMG Suite’s category, “Digital Marketing Services” was a new addition this year, in response to the industry’s need for digital marketing tools. FMG Suite was the leader in the category with an 11% market share and scored an impressive 7.50 in user satisfaction. The second most popular provider had just 1.49% of market share.

T3’s decision to add this category to the survey was driven by TD Ameritrade Institutional’s 2019 RIA Sentiment Survey, which found that only 47% of respondents named “asking clients for referrals” as their top initiative. By comparison, a few short years ago, more than 90% of advisors relied primarily on referrals for new business. Clearly, financial advisors are realizing how important digital marketing is for future growth.

T3 surveyed over 5,000 advisors to learn about their preferences for over 500 tools and resources across 20 different industry categories. The first metric they looked at was overall market penetration for each category, by evaluating the percentage of all the respondents who use one (or sometimes more) tools in this category. The other metric was the average rating of all the software programs in this category where they collected data.

These results continue to cement FMG Suite’s status as a top software option for financial advisors.

About FMG Suite

FMG Suite provides an advisor marketing system powered by award-winning content and backed by a ”marketing team” that helps advisors stay connected to clients. Their products automate proven marketing strategies so advisors can build deeper relationships and grow AUM with the least amount of effort. By combining websites, email, social, print, and events with full compliance integration they take the pain out of communicating with clients and prospects. FMG Suite is passionate about helping financial advisors become extraordinary marketers.