5 Ways To Leverage the SEC Advertising Rule Change

The SEC's prior advertising rule was adopted in 1961. Since then, SEC has acknowledged that technology and investor expectations have changed dramatically.

At a high level, the SEC's new Marketing Rule is a substantial amendment to the prior advertising rule and replaces the “Solicitation Rule” that governed cash payments for client referrals. In addition, the definition of “advertisement” has been amended to capture advertisements disseminated in any format, including digital audio, video and social media.

This ebook will prepare you with different ways you can leverage the SEC rule change if it is approved by your broker-dealer, as applicable. Download and learn to:

- Establish your online reputation with Google Review

- Demonstrate your client experience with testimonial videos

- Engage with your social media audience in comments

- Optimize your website with testimonials

- Repurpose reviews to create powerful content

Adopting the principles in this book can increase client loyalty, retention and profitability.

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