Ask the Experts

Our marketing experts receive questions from advisors all the time, and for this month’s LIVE Q&A, “Ask the Experts,” Samantha Russell, our Chief Evangelist and Susan Theder, our Chief Marketing Officer, will be joined by industry thought leader and “finfluencer”, Derek Notman CFP®, the founder of Conneqtor!

We recently announced our partnership with Conneqtor, the industry leader and provider of training & marketing strategies for financial advisors, read more about it here

In this month’s “Ask the Experts,” we’re so excited to have Derek Notman, Founder of Conneqtor, join Samantha and Susan as they address all of your burning marketing questions! 

Expect to learn a lot and be entertained along the way by the inevitably fun marketing banter that will result from a discussion between these three experts. 

Send us questions in advance and/or live during the event – and we think you’ll benefit as much from getting answers to your own questions as hearing the questions and answers of your peers. 

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