Should Advisors Jump On The Threads Bandwagon?

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Seemingly overnight, a standout new platform has emerged in the social media landscape. Threads, the latest release from Facebook and Instagram parent company Meta, blew past industry expectations and acquired over 100 million users in under a week. It’s a feat for the history books, as the new platform handily beat the previous record held by the artificial intelligence app ChatGPT, which took closer to two months to reach the same record-setting milestone.

Top 5 Tips For Sharing News Articles On Social Media

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There’s no more powerful message than original, insightful content written by a financial advisor. As a financial professional, you can serve as a guide and mentor, interpreting and explaining the ups and downs of market events, helping clients set financial goals, and explaining retirement strategies, among other things.

5 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes

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Marketing is an ever-changing subject for advisors. For many of them, the biggest challenge is simply keeping up. To help, I’ve compiled a list of five common digital marketing mistakes and offered suggestions for how to address them without a lot of effort.

Linking Up On LinkedIn

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The key is to establish an effective content strategy, one that attracts prospects and grows your following. Here I will outline five proven ways you can create an effective content strategy for social media. And though many of these tips could transfer to other platforms, they are specifically designed for LinkedIn.

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