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"Our old site was complex and we had a lot of custom pages that we wanted to move to the new site. We were impressed with how easy FMG Suite made the transition. They moved all of our old content to our new site, which was incredibly helpful and saved us a lot of time. We had two conference calls with Customer Service that were very helpful and answered all of our questions. The whole process only took a matter of hours on our end. We really love the new site, it could not be easier to work with and customize. The compliance tie-in that the site has is very beneficial so that we don't have to input each piece of content and send to compliance separately. It makes the whole process faster and more efficient."

Rick Ray


"We were a little intimidated upfront because we were afraid the process would take up too much time, but exactly the opposite proved to be true. The development process was structured, which helped it run smoothly without a lot of back-and-forth. FMG Suite made a complex process simple and allowed us to get up and running very quickly. The process has been accommodative, so haven't had to stop working on my business and focus on web design. At the same time, the deadlines have kept us on track and we launched our site on schedule. We look for distinction in everything we do, so creating a unique website was important to us. We are happy with our site and with our FMG Suite experience."

Barry Zimmerman

Needham, MA

"I was frustrated with my old site because it seemed difficult to make changes and felt outdated. I wanted to integrate social media with website and update the technology. However, I don't have time to get into the content development business. I appreciate the high quality videos that FMG Suite produces. The company made the transition easy and moved the content from my old website to the new version. The process took only a matter of hours on my end. My clients love the new website and have been enjoying the content and the mobile app."

Jim Mcgovern

Pittsburg, PA

"The entire FMG Suite of products (website, campaigns, and presentations) is instrumental in helping market my services and attract potential clients. The ongoing support and guidance in helping me setup and maintain my website exceeded my expectations. All in all, FMG Suite is a must have for advisors."

Ian Laterreur

The Woodlands, Texas

"I was contemplating getting a website for a long time, but the time I thought I would have to spend getting it live caused me to put it off. FMG has an exceptionally smooth process that helped me go live with minimal effort. I really like and appreciate all of the compliance approved content and I really like my modern looking website. I am more confident speaking to client and prospects now that I have such a great website to refer them to. It’s the best thing I have done for myself in a long time."

Lev Revutsky

San Jose, CA

"FMG websites really helped me brand myself. The content is strictly educational, and not “salesy”, so it’s comforting and reassuring to my clients and prospects when they visit my website and browse through the great content."

Jeffrey Bunderson

Layton, UT

"If time is money, save some by starting with FMG."

Richard Harvey

Greensboro, NC

"Working with FMG was as smooth as glass. All the hard work has been done unless you want to tinker. I have built several web sites for different businesses, this was the quickest, and most professional looking. Thanks for what you do!"

Tommy Pietsch

Shiner, TX

"From the beginning, I have been extremely impressed with FMG. The website technology is cutting-edge, and their staff is equally committed to exceeding expectations. I was literally blown away! It is clear that FMG understands the new rules of engagement in the "Experience Economy" and has the technology tools to back it up."

Loran Graham

Spokane, WA

"We love the fact that you push video and presentations to our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts each week. The last video on taxes went sort of viral on our Facebook page and was seen by 183 people (for us that’s viral, we only have 52 likes). Then with a click I sent it directly to all of our clients and prospects."

John V. Picone, CFP

Fort Myers, FL

"The days of websites serving as on line business cards are over. FMG has created a website rich with ever changing content. The old stale website could never be seen as a tool. FMG's can. I recently heard from a high net worth referral, that one of the reasons he picked up the phone to call and eventually meet me, was due to the professional website outlining my value proposition. I have never received that feedback with my old stale website. I frequently direct existing clients to my site in order to follow up meeting discussions with informative video and written descriptions that reinforce financial strategies illustrated at our meeting. What I love most about the service, is the turn key approach FMG takes of loading the content for you. You can also customize the site and add content of your own, if desired. I highly recommend using FMG's web service if you want to make a splash in the social media world."

Pat Lanotte, CFP

Jericho, NY

"FMG has been a pleasure to work with. My website looks great and the social media product helps to keep fresh and relevant articles posted on my various social media sites. I also recently used the video production service which was easy and very competitively priced. Several advisors I know paid 4 or 5 times more to have a production company shoot videos for their website. Thanks for making it easy for me to have a great looking, modern website!"

Charlie M.

Berwyn, PA

"Just a quick note to thank you for all of the FMG Team efforts and tolerating us during filming of our videos. We were pretty stressed out before the shooting and everyone made us feel very welcome and the encouragement was tremendous. Everyone was terrific! We really appreciated you taking the time and working extra hard on the details of our marketing plan. It feels really good to know that we have a great strategic partner that we do not have to worry about. You guys are the experts and it shows. Thanks for everything and thanks for giving us one less thing to worry about!"

Greg F

Chicago, IL

"I had no idea what to expect in this process, but I never imagined it would be as easy as it was and I’m thrilled with the end result. My Customer Success Coordinator was just outstanding every step of the way – it was like having a business partner as invested in the outcome as I was."

Nancy F

Hartford, CT

"User-friendly, and easy to customize your website. FMG actually encourages ideas to improve their products AND you get feedback regarding your ideas. Customer service is friendly, competent and determined to help. Best part is the compliance-approved content (since we have better things to do with our time)."

Darcie Harris

Whitefish, MT

"I am using the FMG platform as the hub of my prospecting activities. When I attend business and networking events I obtain prospects’ business card, plug them into Salesforce and my FMG e-Newsletter. I hold an in-person seminar every month, a Webex Webinar every month and then upload the recorded Webinar to my YouTube Channel. I invite via email my prospects to these seminars and have 16 people attending a seminar I am hosting this evening."

Clyde French, CRPC

Shreveport, LA

"I have been totally satisfied with my FMG Suite website. The site looks incredible and the support has been great. They respond immediately and provide really top notch service. The video newsletters are great because they go out automatically and are easy to get set up. They are great contact pieces to stay in front of our clients on a regular basis, which is very important to me. The presentations are high quality and cover the majority of topics that we like to use. They help to drive traffic back to our website and help us connect with folks."

Clyde French

Shreveport, LA

"Thanks for helping me set up my very own personal app! I was very pleased with how easy and quickly it was set up. I think the rich video content along with personalized pictures and links is outstanding. Best of all, it significantly enhances the image of our firm with existing clients as well as prospects!"

Nicholas Hopwood

Plymouth, MI

"I typically think of myself as a pretty good communicator, but by editing the content I currently had, adding more descriptive language, and embedding phrases that forced the reader to consider taking action, the copywriter turned what was good copy into excellent copy! FMG Suite captured the vision for my planning practice and then provided a compelling story that I believe will engage readers and call them to action. I would highly recommend the Copywriting service for advisors who seek to stand out among their peers and provide solid content aimed at engaging the reader. The fact that it saves the advisor hours of preparation time is a great bonus, too!"

Craig Wright

Xenia, OH

"I’ve been very impressed with all the services FMG Suite has provided. The Copywriting service was a great value to my company because it helped me concisely articulate my niche market and value proposition to website visitors - a task that would have taken me forever to accomplish without help. Not only that, but my firm’s compliance department required very few changes to the draft, which enabled me to get my website up and running quickly."

Ryan Carrus

Little Rock, AR

"The FMG Suite Copywriting service is fantastic! They totally ‘got’ what I wanted for my site and the copy was right on. The energy, tone and voice matched my business and my brand. Because they understand advisors and our clients, I didn’t have to explain the industry. They were able to align my website copy for SEO and the integration with compliance was the key to getting the job done quickly and easily. The service saved me a ton of time and I love the end result."

Mary Quist-Newins

Minneapolis, MN

"Holy smokes, the copywriting for my website is fantastic! I am completely blown away. FMG Suite very much encapsulated what I have been trying to put into writing for over two months within a few days. Not only that, the verbiage is spot on! In building a whole website with FMG Suite, the Website Copywriting service really helped complete the whole process and I feel confident with my website. Thank you very much and I am thrilled!"

Kent MacLachlan

Seattle, WA

"My site is 100% better than what I had before. FMG Suite Copywriting made the process organized and kept me focused. It was easy and simple to get my website and my bio written. This is something I’ve wanted to do from day one, but just haven’t had the time. I had been putting it off but the process wasn’t painful at all. It was exactly the help I needed to get the job done!"

Mike Capriotti

Vineland, NJ

"The process was relatively painless. It’s a great exercise because it makes you think about how you want to present your business online. I like the end result and feel that it turned out really well. The service was definitely well worth the money. The timetable was great and the turnaround time was very efficient."

Jeremy Stanley

Winston-Salem, NC

"The FMG Suite Copywriting service is great. My challenge is that I’m so busy day-to-day that it’s hard for me to capture succinctly all that we do from a marketing perspective. Being able to share my thoughts, then have FMG Suite write the content is very useful. The service was immensely helpful for me. It saved a lot of time and helped me clarify my focus."

Mike Prahl

Scottsdale, AZ

"I was very impressed with the copywriting service. Everything written was great and the process and end result came out very well. I only had one edit to the content the writers created and there were no changes from compliance. It was so easy and I am very happy with the result."

David Nielsen

Cary, IL

"The copywriting service was an excellent fit for me because of the writers' financial services industry experience. I didn't have to explain the constraints surrounding compliance or what it means to be an independent advisor or an Accredited Investment Fiduciary. The end result was outstanding and I feel much more confident in my website as a result."

Thomas Dobranksy

San Diego, CA

"I like that my website integrates with Google Analytics and that I can view the metrics of our email and social media campaigns. It’s really helpful to see the traffic to our website and social media pages, and to see who is interacting with our marketing."

Steven Perry

Hesston, KS

"I jokingly call myself “IT Challenged,” so I love that the website dashboard is simple and easy for my assistant and I to make changes to the site. Sometimes changing a website can be a cumbersome and confusing process, but your technology and support team make it easy."

Andy Ortiz

Winter Garden, FL

"Although our website is new, we have already had positive comments from clients and their friends. Honestly, it feels like night and day compared to my last site with a different provider. I was never proud to show off my site before, and now I am happy to."

Andrew Sharp

Houston, TX

"Within 2 months of setting up my website and social tool through FMG, I got some leads from Facebook that led to $1.7 million under management."

William Bryan

Pomona, CA

"I am completely blown away with the FMG Suite process, support and the end product has turned out to be amazing. I have received numerous positive comments from clients, prospects, and very high level Centers of Influences that I’ve been working with over the years. It feels nice to have a website that I am proud of and eager to direct people to."

Roc Senavinin

Little Rock, AR

"We love our FMG Suite website and its look. Setting it up was a fairly easy process. Being independent it became our business card, we could send them to the website to tell them what we are all about and to show them the tools we use like Wealth Vision and HiddenLevers. The app and the email campaigns have been wonderful too. They give us a lot of additional touches with our clients."

David McPhail

Oxford, MS

"Working with FMG Suite has been a wonderful process overall, especially working with my project coordinator. She was extremely patient and helpful and when we ran into issues with my domain, she was able to help clarify the things I needed to do. In addition, the Exclusive website process helped me distill my brand and find elements that I really wanted on my site. Rather than letting me have free reign of design aspects (which I have no experience in), Iris guided me to themes and ideas that fit my practice and I am very happy with the result."

Andre Marshall

Minneapolis, MN

"With FMG Suite, our site is more than just a website. It serves as a resource where visitors can have some of their questions answered with videos, presentations, and articles, and are motivated to reach out for more information."

Jim Hyre

Columbus, OH

"With FMG Suite, I now have a website I am proud to refer potential clients to. In the financial services industry, it is too common to have a website that is outdated, boring, and merely serves as an online brochure. My site is filled with useful content and can be edited with custom information."

Darren Knight

Atlanta, GA

"Since launching my site with FMG Suite, I have already seen increased web traffic because of the simplistic design and easy navigation. Our old site was so cluttered with information that no one ever visited it. Now, I hear my clients and prospects rave about the ease of using my new site."

Bill Kenoyer

Modesto, CA

"We are constantly receiving positive feedback from both clients and prospects who have visited our website. The dynamic, changing content keeps them more engaged than the static websites that are common in our industry. Additionally, the ease of usability is great, because changing and updating content couldn’t be simpler. And best of all, the finished product looks great. I appreciate that FMG Suite has made the website dashboard user-friendly, even for those who aren’t used to building and maintaining a website."

Shawn A. Manuel

Osage Beach, MO

"I love that my FMG Suite website comes loaded with dynamic, ever-changing content. Often in our industry, websites become stale and aren’t updated with timely information. With FMG’s content library, I know my website is always being updated with the newest video, article, or presentation."

Patrick Lanza

Pensacola, FL

"Along with my website, the Video of the Month campaign is primo. My clients and prospects spend more time watching the videos and clicking through the site than they would with a printed newsletter. And because the tool is automated, it is so much easier on my time and energy."

Ora Citron

Walnut Creek, CA

"FMG Suite is a great value for advisors. Not only is my account representative and Customer Service team competent and knowledgeable, but the quality of the tools for the price is exceptional."

Leon Rousso

Ventura, CA

"I find that prospects who set appointments with me visit my website 80% of the time. My custom content and the FMG Suite Content Library on my website helps them get to know me and my firm, see the educational resources we provide, and and serves as an icebreaker of sorts."

Rey Descalso

Maitland, FL

"My FMG Suite site is so easy to navigate. Visitors can easily locate the Resource Center to read and watch the articles and videos. I particularly love my homepage. It looks professional but is still friendly and inviting. I have received a lot of compliments from people who see my site. Since launching, I have received so many compliments from family, friends, and new clients. Between my new FMG Suite website and Yelp page I have acquired 50 new tax clients just this year!"

Trudy Langston

Milwaukie, OR

"Thanks to the Email Campaigns tool, I’ve received new business. My contacts watch the videos and often have questions on new investment opportunities or planning strategies that may be appropriate for them. I would say that in the past year, we’ve experienced about a dozen different benefits from sending the email newsletter, whether it’s new accounts, new clients, or an increase in our assets under management."

David Richardson

Woodland Hills, CA

"My FMG Suite site is so fluid, creative, and robust. Design-wise, it’s very colorful and attractive. The Resource Center is fantastic. The articles and presentations are timely and well-written, and I like the many different calculators. I recently spoke with a small business owner client and, while trying to decide what type of retirement plan to put into place, I found a related calculator and article. I referred her to our website so she could read the article and use the calculator with her other business partners to help them decide which retirement plan would be best for them."

Laura J. LaTourette

Dahlonega, GA

"I am not tech-savvy so I like that FMG Suite takes care of all the tech when it comes to my website. It's great to have continually updated material with no effort required on our part. "

Matthew Meyer

Dayton, OH

"I recommend FMG Suite to advisors because it's a turn-key marketing program that is set on autopilot. The platform is easy to use and my clients appreciate the regular communication."

Ronald Burkard

Santa Ana, CA

"FMG Suite is easy to work with and has incredible turnaround time on making sure that advisors get exactly what they wish for. We are happy that we get an upgraded website with enhanced technology, such as a mobile app for our clients that allows them to have quick access to information and resources."

Amberly Thurston

Benbrook, TX

"I recommend FMG Suite to other advisors because we're all busy! To provide clients and prospects the online and social media presence that is expected, yet not have to spend time daily on it, is valuable. FMG Suite's automated tools help us stay connected with clients."

Laura Dix

Woodburn, OR

"First of all, FMG Suite provides a top-rated product. But mostly, I love the customer service. Seriously, you all are great! Every time I call I get exceptional, knowledgeable help. I would recommend everyone use FMG Suite for their website!"

Erin Christensen

Bellingham, WA

"Our website is very user-friendly and very helpful to our clients accessing their accounts. We have had prospective clients visit our website to find out how we do our business. A friend had recommended FMG Suite to me and I have not been disappointed! The service is exemplary."

Amy Novakovich

Bonita Springs, FL

"My favorite FMG Suite tools are the mobile app and website. Since launching, I've received more phone calls and clients can easily access resources and information. FMG Suite helps me stay compliant and in regular communication with my clients and prospects."

Blessing Ahuama

Lawrenceville, GA

"Without FMG Suite, we wouldn't have a website because we don't have the time to build and maintain one. The dashboard is easy to use and the unique features make it a great deal. Along with the website, the app is awesome. There seems to be a lot of hype surrounding the app for our younger clients, which is promising."

Jason Gaylor

Lewis Center, OH

"FMG Suite helps me maintain a strong, consistent web presence, and there's a solid service team available to help when I need it. With FMG Suite, I get a quality website that's easy to edit, and the email campaigns tool makes it easy for me to stay in contact with clients every month."

Marcelino Dodge

Lamar, CO

"FMG Suite helps me stay top of mind with clients. The platform made it easy for me to build a website and gain instant credibility. Along with quick implementation, the customer service is professional and helpful."

Nigel Fusella Valdez

Tucson, AZ

"My clients like the overall look and feel of my FMG Suite website much more than my old website I had with another provider. I appreciate how easy it is to make changes on my website, automatically submit to compliance, and maintain a blog."

Karmen Gearhart

Norton Shores, MI

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"...while they can’t turn back the clock and address these issues beforehand - such as increasing their spouse’s life insurance or saving more - there are ways to take control and feel more confident in their future.
When working with widows, there are a few first steps I recommend taking:

1. Get Organized
Whether or not you handled all of your family’s finances, some, or none, the first step is to organize your financial documents. Before you can determine how to budget and what steps to take, you have to first understand where you stand financially. If you are having trouble translating your investment account statements, a financial advisor can help you understand what your documents mean. You’ll want to copy and safeguard your important documents and review life insurance policies with a trusted advisor.

2. Budget for a Single Income
More than half of widows have difficulty adjusting to a single income. This may because they haven’t reevaluated their bills and expenses and adjusted..."

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Consistent Messaging

"...Once we understand your family’s current circumstances, goals, and unique needs, we develop strategies to help preserve and potentially grow your wealth and take over the time-consuming tasks associated with managing your complex financial affairs. Working with a family office can benefit families in a number of ways, including:

  • Preserving wealth through proactive management and appropriate strategies
  • Mitigating risk by diversifying investments
  • Assisting with the transfer of wealth from one generation to the next through strategic asset allocation and estate planning..."

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"...More than likely, you have a clear understanding of your relationship with your doctor or your dentist. You pay a fee and, in return, you receive a service, including advice and recommendations based on your individual situation. It would make sense then for your relationship with your financial advisor to be the same; but for many, that’s not the case.

At Financial Guideposts, we’ve noticed a trend: that the general public does not understand the relationship they have with their financial advisor. We want to change that. We believe there are two critical aspects you should understand when working with a financial advisor: how he or she gets paid and what services he or she provides..."

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