Expand Your Marketing Power

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FMG Suite & Vestorly

Vestorly subscribers now have access to FMG Suite’s turnkey automated marketing technology. This, paired with Vestorly’s powerful content curation engine will make you more connected than ever–to help you engage clients, prospects, and referral sources.

What makes it even better is it’s free for existing Vestorly users! No gimmicks, no catch, no surprises. All you have to do is remain a Vestorly customer and renew your service at the current rate you’re paying.

Fill out the form below and one of our marketing experts will reach out!

Automated Campaigns

Stay in touch without lifting a finger.

Free up time, nurture clients, and generate new leads. Deliver a stream of strategic communication to the right people, at the right time. You can target niche audiences from pre-retirees to long-term clientele, staying top of mind and expanding your influence all year long.

Watch How it Works

Video of the Month Campaign

An informative video on a financial topic that simplifies the complex in an entertaining format, and establishes you as a knowledgeable guide.

See Campaign Sample

Monthly Market Insights Campaign

A market commentary video and report that features an overview of last month’s market performance and a glance at the month ahead.

See Campaign Sample

Social Foundation Campaign

Establish a consistent, foundational presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter with automated, FINRA-reviewed social posts.

See Campaign Sample

Holiday Campaign

Let your clients and prospects know you’re thinking of them all year long, with fun-filled greetings sent on multiple major holidays.

See Campaign Sample

Happy Birthday Campaign

Send a fun message on each client’s birthday, containing financial tips and remarkable feats that others have achieved in their same year of life.

See Campaign Sample


Create a powerful inbound marketing ecosystem with a professional-looking FMG Suite website for only $79 per month. You probably already have an existing website that works well for your needs but having one with us ensures you’re firing on all cylinders–all within one marketing ecosystem. We’ll even preload your site with beautiful, compelling content. Plus, get access to simple, intuitive tools to customize your site, analytics tools to check your site’s performance, and compliance tools that alleviate the pain of creating dynamic content.

For any additional questions, advisors can contact our sales team at (858) 251-1031.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to do anything to keep my products with Vestorly running?
No, you’ll be able to continue using your services with Vestorly as usual with no changes expected. The only change is that FMG Suite will now be servicing your account.

2. Are there any changes to pricing that affect me?
There are no pricing changes going into effect with the transition and you’ll continue to pay what you’re paying today. For the same price, you now have access to new features through FMG Suite.

3. What additional features do I get with this partnership between Vestorly and FMG Suite?
For the same price you’re paying today, you’ll now have access to new features through FMG Suite, including:

4. What do I need to do to access these new features?
If you haven’t already received a call from FMG Suite you can contact them directly at (858) 251-1031.

5. Who can I call for support?
Continue to contact Vestorly support for Vestorly products at 855-300-4420 and FMG Suite service at (858) 251-2420 for FMG Suite products. Support will transfer to FMG Suite over time.

6. Who is FMG Suite?
FMG Suite is the industry’s leading automated marketing platform for financial professionals and insurance agents. FMG Suite provides an all-in-one integrated suite of marketing tools built to help over 40,000 users execute their marketing effortlessly.

In a recent survey, T3/Morningstar recognized FMG Suite as #1 in customer satisfaction and market share in digital marketing services for financial advisors.

7. What additional products/services does FMG Suite offer?
You can take advantage of FMG Suite’s website solution at $79/month to create a complete inbound marketing system that includes your website, social, email, and CRM. For more information on additional products and features, visit the FMG Suite website