Ideas to Stand Out and Attract the Next-Gen

The Great Wealth Transfer is here, and the new generation of HNW decision-makers defines value differently. Whether you’re connecting with next-gen clients, clients’ next gens or prospects, experiences are more important than ever to attracting and retaining them.

An Advisor’s Story: Crafting a Fulfilling Niche from Life’s Challenging Transitions

Tune in to hear how Chevonne Farler, Wealth Management Advisor at TBH Advisors has found success serving a fulfilling niche. Chevonne shared how she has leveraged FMG to increase engagement with clients and prospects, all while driving new business catering to a specific niche of clients going through major life events, such as divorce or the death of a spouse.

Uncovering the Secrets of Hyper-Growth Firms

If you’re curious about what separates hyper-growth financial advisory firms from non-growth ones, then taking this deep dive into the findings of the recent Nitrogen Growth Survey to discover why some firms have experienced growth while others haven’t is for you.

Your Clients Received Their Tax Return. Now What?

Discover the next level of client engagement and value creation with Holistplan. As an advisor, you understand the importance of going beyond the basics, and tax planning services can unlock a world of opportunity for your clients.

Home-Run Marketing Ideas from an MLB Player Turned RIA

Get ready to hear some fantastic ideas for content creation, straight from the mind of a former MLB player turned successful advisor. And with baseball’s opening day just around the corner, what better way to learn and get inspired than by learning from someone who knows the “marketing” game inside and out?

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