Countdown to the Webinar

LinkedIn is often considered the best social network for financial advisors, but are you using the platform to its maximum potential?

Join us for our next webinar with Greg Woodbury, our VP of Business Development, and Charlie Van Derven, President & Founder of Social Advisors. They’ll discuss how financial advisors can harness LinkedIn to grow their business.

In this short webinar, you’ll discover three new daily routines to reach new high net-worth clients, plus:

  • How to optimize your profile
  • Tips to become a thought leader
  • How to get the right introductions

RSVP today for this valuable presentation! You’ll walk away with actionable tips to start using LinkedIn the smart way.


Charlie Van Derven

Founder & President of Social Advisors

As a 20-year veteran of digital marketing (and former FMG Suite employee!), Charlie has witnessed the social revolution of the Internet evolve into the rise of social media and email marketing. He believes social media should be the dominant focus of every business’s marketing and communication strategy.