Keeping Your Firm Compliant

FMG Suite’s tools are specifically designed to make you a great marketer while meeting every aspect of your regulatory responsibilities.

Pre-Approved Content

Many of our pre-written emails, social posts, and ebooks are pre-approved so you can send as-is without compliance roadblocks! All content is FINRA-reviewed and written with compliance in mind.

Archiving & Documentation Tools

Our platform is designed to ensure that compliance worries don’t prevent financial advisors from reaching out to clients. We’ve designed regulatory retention periods into our system from the ground up.

Integrated Compliance Workflow

When you update your website or create a new email, we automatically submit it to your Compliance department. Once approved, those changes publish immediately. If rejected, Compliance will detail the changes needed before going live.

Self-Managed Compliance Workflow

Any new website content, emails, or social media posts that require compliance approval will appear in the “Compliance” section of your admin, ready to be reviewed and approved. Just download as a PDF, submit to your compliance, then approve all necessary updates.

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