Built-in compliance workflow saves you time

With one-click compliance, your marketing content is automatically submitted for review and approval making it easier to send out timely content.


Save time with compliance approved content

Pick and choose from our library of pre-approved emails, social posts, and e-books. All content is FINRA-reviewed and written with compliance in mind, so you can press send without thinking twice.


Integrated compliance workflow means one less step

Built-in compliance workflow means that anytime you update your website or create a new email, it will automatically route to your compliance department’s inbox. When they hit “approve” the content goes live. No need to submit anything manually.


View real-time status in the compliance dashboard

Check the status of your submissions in our compliance dashboard for full visibility into the approval process. Pull history or manage current activities all from one place.

Plan ahead and sit back and relax

Create your content and plan out your calendar weeks or months in advance. By getting all your posts, emails, and website updates approved ahead of time, you can avoid last-minute scrambles or delays.

Manage everything from one place

Manage all your emails, posts, and website updates in one place so you can see what content is coming up and what’s still waiting on approval. With everything you need all in the one dashboard, it’s easier to stay on track and follow up on loose ends.

Streamline compliance submissions

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