Blogging made easy

Our powerful blogging tools make it easy to share blogs on your website, social sites, and email. Leverage hundreds of fully customizable articles, edit them to reflect your voice, and just like that, you can call yourself a blogger.


Customizable content

Do you struggle to come up with new content ideas? Let us help! We are constantly adding professionally written blogs designed for you to customize and edit to your brand voice and style. We make it easy to blog on a regular basis without starting from a blank piece of paper.


Professional designs

Our blogs are designed to make your content stand out with clean, fresh, and minimalist designs. Our easy to use blogging features and customizable layouts enable you to create a professionally designed blog in minutes that looks like it took hours.


Built-in promotional tools

Over time, watch your audience grow and Google search ranking improve as you leverage our build-in promotional tools to post your blogs to your website and social sites and concurrently send them in an email format to your contacts – all with just one click.

Grow your business by blogging

Prospects love to learn about the person behind an organization. Blogging can help build your brand, establish yourself as an industry expert, improve your SEO, and give clients a reason to share your expertise with their network.

Customizable content

Very few people like starting from a blank piece of paper… so use our content as the foundation or inspiration for your blogs. If you’re already a blogger, leverage our platform to enhance the professionalism of your design with our Unsplash and Canva integrations to quickly incorporate beautiful images that increase readership.

Share across all channels

Don’t worry about manually sharing a post. Our platform automatically creates a shareable version of each post to make it easy for you to share that content with your audience via social media, email, or SMS. And, by publishing content through our platform, you can simplify compliance controls with automated workflows.

Rank on search engines

Your blog provides you with a valuable SEO opportunity. Every time you publish a blog post, it’s another indexed page on your website, giving you an added chance to appear in search results. By consistently writing content on topics relevant to your ideal customer, you’ll steadily improve your rankings and gain more organic traffic. Not only will this boost your overall site traffic, but it will also help establish yourself as an authority in your industry and can bring in highly qualified leads.

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