The all-in-one marketing platform

We make it easy to market effectively. Everything you need – website, email, social media, blogs, events, video and printed cards - all in one place.

Communication is everything

Increasing your client engagement comes down to more frequent, proactive communication. And one marketing channel doesn't cut it; clients want regular touches from multiple channels. 

That's where FMG comes in. 

Timely Content

Share relevant and timely content

Showing that you are on top of current events, market news and relevant topics can boost your brand and give your clients confidence that you are on top of the situation, so they don't have to be.

Get ready for leads

We know that standing out is key. But we also realize your goals are always evolving. Sometimes it’s about tapping into a niche audience, but other times, your focus is on boosting leads. With our Landing Page feature, you can shine the spotlight exactly where you need it to be and leverage our lead magnets to fill your funnel with leads.

Dashboard for Marketing Automation Showing Card Cover Examples
Marketing Automation

We do the heavy lifting

Developing and executing consistent marketing is critical to effective marketing, but who has time? 

Leverage our automated communications to celebrate holidays, send timely newsletters, and keep your social feed full.

When you've got the right tools, marketing is easy

Emails and newsletters

Create beautiful emails using the drag and drop wizard. Add sections, images, custom content, and articles to build emails and newsletters to achieve your design and communication objectives.

Editable content library

From timely emails and sophisticated financial topics to holidays and lifestyle — we’ve got you covered. We write the first draft so all you have to do is personalize it to your liking.

Popular CRM integrations

With bi-directional daily syncing with all major CRMs, you have an easy button to upload contacts and maintain and manage all contact information and activities seamlessly. 

Customizable image library

Our integrations with Canva and Unsplash enable users to quickly and easily create and source engaging graphics to share across social media. No professional designer needed.

Our expertise is showing off yours

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