Save time with powerful marketing automations

Set it and forget with our pre-built campaigns that automatically trigger beautifully-designed emails, social posts, newsletters, birthday greetings and more.

With our premium marketing package, all automations are included. If these are not included in your marketing package, you can select any of these micro-upgrades for $49 / month.

Market Insights

Share with your network compliant-approved content that highlights the latest trends and developments influencing the market. With Market Insights, you can customize the frequency of your communication, ranging from on-demand weekly emails to automated monthly videos and recaps.

Social Foundations

A big part of social media success is simply posting consistently. With our automated social posting, we’ll keep your feed full and profile active week after week. All posts are FINRA-reviewed in advance, so you don’t have to worry about compliance. Your social feed will never go quiet, no matter how busy you get.

FMG’s automated email campaigns have an average open rate of 33%, with top-performing campaigns regularly topping 47%.

Compare this to the 23% industry-wide average open rate for financial services email campaigns.


Build a reputation as a financial expert with informative and entertaining Video of the Month, and Retirement Insights e-newsletters delivered automatically on your behalf that simplifies complex topics – from retirement to estate planning – and keeps you top of mind.


Automatically trigger fun eCards – to clients on their Birthday or special holidays. These set-and-forget campaigns are some of our most popular and can be set up for all your clients in minutes.

Holiday Greetings

Never miss a holiday again with our automated holiday sequence that triggers professionally-designed emails to your contacts on all major holidays.
With the automated campaigns, if we’re out of the office, our marketing does not stop. It’s easy to spend five minutes and push out timely content to our clients.

Marketing campaigns that do the work for you

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