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Business growth starts with generating opportunities. An engaging and targeted content strategy is the secret sauce for turning those curious prospects and referrals into clients. And it’s never been easier with our engaging landing pages and lead magnets to get prospects to take action.


Content that resonates

Choose from our library of lead magnets, including ebooks, videos, and interactive “quizzes”, on topics that resonate with investors. A matching landing page with a form is automatically created and you’re ready to capture leads.


Promote with ease

Our platform enables you to leverage lead magnets across all mediums. You can use them on your website, on social media or by email to create integrated campaigns that attract and capture new leads and referrals with the click of a button.


Nurture your leads

Once a lead provides their email, they become a contact that can now be added to a “nurture campaign,” an ongoing series of emails meant to drip on them over the next few months to keep you and your business top of mind.

Create Engaging Opportunities

We know that standing out is key. But we also realize your goals are always evolving. Sometimes it’s about tapping into a niche audience, but other times, your focus is on boosting leads. With our Landing Page feature, you can shine the spotlight exactly where you need it to be and leverage our lead magnets to fill your funnel with leads.

FMG clients received over 90,000 leads through digital forms, marketing campaigns, referral requests, and events in 2022 alone.

Clients who deploy these tools get better leads faster and with less effort!

Lead Generation

Attract and convert prospects with strong CTAs and lead magnets

Your website can be a way to engage prospects and create opportunities to leverage ebooks, events, and interactive quizzes to generate form fills. And we’ll help you use well-placed, compelling calls to action throughout your site to increase conversion rates.

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