Today’s Advisor Website Showcase, we are joined by Gregg Pajak of the WizdomOne Group. From the get-go, Gregg was excited to answer our questions about the firm, how they handled remote work, the site’s design, and much more. Unquestionably, this was a wonderful experience for both sides.

Modernize Your Website

Firstly, the WizdomOne site does a great job of setting the first impression. Visitors are instantly greeted by a lovely-looking video playing in the background. Laid on top of that is a short and sweet sentence providing the services they offer and an actionable CTA. The site ensures that navigation is clean and resources are easily accessible.

It’s easy to see that a lot of thought and effort went into designing and creating the WizdomOne site. From having a clean and elegant design to the ease-of-use. The website does a wonderful job highlight the firm’s expertise and attention to detail.

Read on to see our Q&A with Gregg and find out what makes WizdomOne so unique. Gregg was enthusiastic to share some of the firm’s history, strategies, and insights. We hope his answers can inspire ideas for your own website.

1. Can you tell us a little more about your services and the history of your firm?

The WizdomOne Group began in 2008 with the simple belief that advisors should work for you and your business, not the carriers. We provide an integrated platform that includes comprehensive wealth, insurance, and benefits services for the business owner and their business. Because in a business owner’s life, so much depends on their business.

2. Being based in Melville, NY. How has your business been affected by the pandemic in terms of customer communication, meetings, etc?

We are proud to be a Remote-First company because we believe a vibrant company culture should not only serve the needs of our clients but also nurture our employees. As Ben Peterson said,” If you create a great place to work, great work takes place.” To accommodate clients who still wish to meet face-to-face, we have a shared space network of offices throughout the country.

3. What would you say inspired the WizdomOne site’s design theme?

Was it something you thought up quickly or did you have to really think about it? It was a collaboration between the why behind our WizdomOne brand along with the FMG team ( Jessi Latimer, Elizabeth McArdle) and our marketing guru Adah Kruszlinski who all made this vision a reality. Thank you to all that worked on this website rebrand.

4. What led you to update or create a new site with FMG?

Has this inspired you to update or create other things to improve your online presence? It was7 years since our original FMG website and it felt like it was time for a refresh and we needed to simplify our message.  It is hard to build a website that speaks volumes to your ideal client profile ( business owners ) while alienating those potential prospects that are not.

5. If you could advise other advisors on redesigning or creating their website, what would it be?

Seth Godin said it best  “In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.” Built a brand around a specific narrow … very niche client base.

6. How has your overall experience with FMG been so far?

In a difficult regulatory environment, the FMG partnership is priceless.

7. Your site boasts a large number of resources including videos, presentations, and more. What led you to create or provide such a large number of resources free for everyone to view?

We believe in our wisdom. ( No pun intended ) To succeed you need to sell less. Yes, sell less.  Educate first, second and third therefore becoming a resource and an advocate to your community of clients.

8. What would you say best sets you apart from other advisors in the Melville or even the New York state area?

Our dedication, passion, and focus on a narrow client base of business owners through an integrated platform includes comprehensive wealth, insurance, and benefits services.

9. Your site has a blog, what is your approach to keeping it updated and consistent?

Educate first, second and third!

10. With Fall in full swing and Winter coming up, what are you most looking forward to as the seasons change?

Winter is coming …. maybe in more ways than one.  We look forward to the challenge of navigating a difficult economic landscape together with our business owner community of clients.

Modernize Your Website

Your website is the most public expression of your brand. It only takes visitors 50 milliseconds to form an opinion – so make it count.