The average small business owner spends 20 hours per week on their marketing. For most financial advisors and insurance agents, this isn’t possible, as they are busy enough building their business and maintaining strong relationships with current clients.

Thanks to technology, you can simplify your marketing, stay more organized, and significantly cut down your marketing hours. Even better, with these technologies you’ll also see better results with your marketing. It’s the best of both worlds, and it’s all available to you right here:


Every client-focused business – especially financial management and insurance – needs a client relationship manager (CRM) tool. A CRM helps you keep track of your clients, prospects, and referrals, including anniversaries, important personal information, and other notes. It’s like having a personal assistant who always reminds you about key dates and action items you don’t want to miss. While there are a number of CRMs out there, we’ve seen that most financial advisors and insurance agents find success with Redtail. It’s easy to use while still offering countless features.


Not sure what to share on social media or write about on your blog? You need Flipboard. Flipboard is a content curation tool and website that is easy to use. Imagine it as your own personal magazine catered to your interests. Choose as many topics as you want – from personal finance to marketing to entertainment – and your Flipboard account homepage will feature articles culled from hundreds of publications on those topics. By choosing the categories that are most relevant, you can quickly sift through news articles and find ideas for blog posts, social media posts, and other content marketing strategies.

Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

We’ve talked about this tool before because it’s awesome and easy to use. We all know how important blogging is, but sometimes it’s impossible to overcome writer’s block. If you are having trouble deciding what to write about or how to create a catchy, click-inspiring title, Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator can help. Just fill in the form fields with three terms (preferably nouns) that you’d like to write about, and Hubspot will generate five relevant blog post titles for you. It’s a great way to kickstart your blog writing.

Google Analytics

Having a website, lead generation tools, social media, email campaigns, and a blog are just one half of the marketing game. The other is analyzing the effectiveness of your strategies. On a regular basis, you should be evaluating your website traffic, where new viewers are coming from, and what pages are receiving the most traffic. This may sound complex and time consuming, but with Google Analytics, it only takes a few moments. Setting up Google Analytics can take some extra time, but if you have a FMG Suite website, Google Analytics is already integrated. Once you’re in Google Analytics, you can see where your website traffic is coming from, how many people visit your website on any given day, and what pages they navigate to. This helps you understand what pages and blog posts are most popular and, in return, what type of content to continue creating in the future.

FMG Suite

We couldn’t end a conversation about easy-to-use technology without mentioning our own suite of marketing tools. At FMG Suite, we provide integrated and automated marketing tools that cut your 20 hours a week of marketing down to less than one hour. We’ll post social media content on your profiles, send out a monthly video newsletter, and automatically update your website with new videos, articles, calculators, and presentations. It’s never been easier to maintain an online presence!

With the right technology, you can spend less time marketing but see better results. What could be better than that?