Do you want proof that niche marketing works? What is the future of media marketing? This week’s “Trending This Tuesday” roundup blog shares the answer to these questions plus three other topics. Be sure to give this one a read and keep your week going strong!

1. Proof That Niche Marketing Works: Picking One of the Most Specific Niches With Jane Mepham (Ep. 371) via ProudMouth

Niche marketing is an incredible way to grow your business, and in this podcast episode,  Matt Halloran dives into niche marketing again by speaking with Jane Mepham, the founder and principal advisor at Elgon Financial Advisors LLC. Tune in as Jane discusses:

  • Marketing strategies that make it easy for your niche to find you
  • The magic that happens when your niche audience says, “Oh, you get it.”
  • Every reason to weave your personal life experiences into your messaging
  • Why she books an entire day to focus on content creation
  • And more!

Like always, it’s a great episode, so make sure you tune in.

2. Episode 105: Voice, Video, and the Future of Marketing Media via The Advisor Lab

Voice and video marketing is the way of the future, and in this episode, they dive into voice and video marketing. They discuss:

  • The ins and outs of how to get started
  • What you need to produce
  • Why your early data won’t tell you the full picture

Tune in and learn about the future of marketing media!

3. Innovation, not originality, is the key to better business via Tony Vidler

Everyone wants to grow their business, but how can they do it? Innovation not originality is key to success. And finding a new one to use existing knowledge and system is innovation, and that’s what the most important. Tony Vidler shares more in this article.

4. A Warning About Advisor Marketing via Advisor Perspectives

It can be difficult to market yourself as a financial advisor, especially with all the changes that have occurred over the last couple of years. Even when it’s difficult, it just means you need to pause and see what direction your marketing should take. Successful tactics include identifying their niche, drawing up a marketing strategy tailored to it, and going out to get the business that they want. Get all the insight from Matt Reiner in this article and start to better market your business.

5. What to Post on LinkedIn: The 5 Content Types That Work Best [Infographic] via Social Media Today

If you’re struggling with what to share on social, then LinkedIn is a great place to start. In this infographic, the team from Brafton and Social Media Today share:

  • Blog posts
  • Third-party content
  • Native video
  • Text only
  • Photography and illustrations

Check out the full infographic to see what you should be posting.

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