Don’t disappear in the crowd.

Automatically scan, locate, and claim your existing business listings on popular map, app, and directories to keep your information updated and visible.

Hang Your Online Shingle

Just like brick-and-mortar businesses hang their shingle so people walking by can find them, online listings need to do the same.

We put you in control of how your business appears online, from addresses and phone numbers, to business descriptions and photos.

Build Your Brand

A good marketing strategy is all about cohesiveness, and Local Search makes sure your business name, address, and phone number match across all platforms.

Get Found in Searches

Help clients find your office, and help Google find your website. The more accurate your information and consistent your listings, the better your business will appear when clients or prospects are looking for you.

Just the FAQs, please.

Here are a few commonly asked questions about local search.

Some publishers do allow you to claim listings manually for free, but not all offer this option. It can take months for manually claimed listings to go live. Our solution is the only one that can update all your listings’ information accurately, efficiently, and with exclusive content across our network of leading maps, apps, social networks, directories, and search engines, including Google, Apple, Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo – all within 30 days.

Each publisher, search engine, mobile app, and directory site utilizes a different method to match, merge, and select the location data it will choose to display about your business. Business listing information will often vary slightly among sources, such as data aggregators, government records, user-submitted content, manual claims, etc. All of this can create major inconsistencies in your business listings displayed across the web. This process of hundreds or thousands of competing data sources fighting for control over what location data is displayed is constant, and any data that’s displayed is always at risk for being overwritten.

Instead of working around the problem, tackle the listing solution head-on. Our direct publisher integrations enable you to lock and update your business listing’s information at the database level, so that you’re always in control of what’s being displayed across the web. You’re not paying for someone to make manual submissions on your behalf, which most of our vendors do. You’re paying us for our award-winning technology that protects our listings from being overwritten and keeps authority in the right hands – yours.

Today, 4 in 5 consumers search for local businesses online and ⅔ of business listings contain incorrect information. If your business listings are in that majority, 73% of your potential customer base is losing trust in your business. Incorrect listings mean you’re losing business – right now. Our listings solution can fix this for you instantly so that you stop losing customers and start gaining more business.

With our listings solution, you’ll get full control of your location data across industry’s largest ecosystem of maps, apps, social networks, directories, and search engines, including Google, via our direct API integrations. Our technology will match your critical business information, including your name, address, and phone number, and other location data across our robust publisher network and lock your business listings, protecting them from being overwritten. FMG Local Search will be able to update your listings in real-time. Above all else, you’ll drive customers to the right place (your business), every time. Only our partner technology provides a permanent business listings solution.

Manual submissions require a lot of manpower and require perpetual maintenance. Other vendors will try to sell you a solution that simply does not guarantee control of your business listings, because in reality, they’re making submissions themselves too. Only our technology provides a permanent business listings solution so that you’re in full control of your listings. Our direct integrations with the publishers in our network will enable us to create and update your listings in real-time, locking them at the database level and protecting them from being overwritten.

While we cannot guarantee your ranking, our solution helps make your listings ultra SEO-friendly. When search engines determine rankings, they take things like consistency, authority, and frequency of information across the web. Our solution directly addresses these factors and having all of these in check will positively affect where you rank on all sites. And don’t forget, you’ll also be in full control of the data that appears about your business on all of these sites, including Google Maps.

Consider this: let’s say you ask 10 people the same question. If you get 10 different answers, you can’t be sure about any of them. However, if you ask 10 people the same question and get the same answer each time, you can be confident the answer is correct. Search engines operate the same way, and the more often and consistently your listings information appears across them, the higher your SEO ranking will be.

There are a few very important reasons we work with both big and little sites. We work with the biggest maps, apps, social networks, directories, and search engines out there like Google, Apple, Yahoo, and Bing to make sure your business gets maximized visibility.

We also work with smaller sites like Citysearch, 2findlocal, AroundMe, and others to boost this even further, because the more places your business is listed correctly, the more likely your SEO rank will be higher. Additionally, you don’t always know where potential customers are searching, so making sure you’re listed everywhere gives you the best chance at gaining their business.

That’s great because your business should be listed everywhere! You won’t be paying per click for our service. With our solution, you’ll be able to amplify your advertising efforts, including creating backlinks to your website. Not to mention, you’ll rest assured that no matter what kind of advertising you’re running, your potential customers will be driven to the right location, every time, after they’ve seen your ads and they’re ready to visit you in person.

Our partner sites need a physical address in order to display your listings and will not accept PO Boxes. As a result, we require a physical address to set you up with our service. If you’re a business that services a local area, you may provide us a non-commercial address, as many publishers allow us to hide this field. However, an address must still be provided in order to get set up.

We recommend having separate listings for each unique branch. In general, listings are meant for local search so you would want each branch office to be found on the directories within their community. However, if you prefer to have one main listing, you can select your primary address for the listing and then highlight the other branches in your business description.

We only offer a complete package of our full network, however you can choose to opt-out of specific sites should you choose or need to.