FMG Announces “One-Click” AI-Powered Personalization of Social Media Content Including Custom Captions Leveraging Marketing Best Practices

SAN DIEGO, Calif., March 7, 2023 – FMG Suite, a SaaS company specializing in marketing software and services for financial advisors, today announced the launch of a new AI-powered content personalization engine for social media content.

This game-changing technology is a product of a powerful combination of two AI platforms: the Vestorly AI-powered content curation and compliance platform acquired by FMG in 2022 and OpenAI GPT. Together, these platforms allow FMG to provide compliant, one-click personalization of its content, starting with social media posts and expanding to emails, blog posts, video scripts, newsletters, landing pages, and more.

Since the Vestorly acquisition, FMG has been engineering GPT to personalize content by personas, summarize articles, and create engaging social posts. Extensive testing has made it clear that the winning combination is well-written content + proprietary GPT prompts + AI compliance screening + human quality assurance.

“The acquisition of Vestorly, combined with the advances at OpenAI, have greatly accelerated our efforts to provide personalized content to financial advisors,” said Dave Christensen, Chief Product Officer. “We’ve always envisioned a world where advisors can leverage our content library as a starting point and, with the click of a button, customize it to be authentically and uniquely theirs. GPT-3.5 is a disruptor unlike anything we’ve seen before in marketing technology and will likely displace and shift the strategies of many firms in our space. FMG has assumed the perfect position to harness advancements in AI and put the power of content personalization and automation, across every marketing channel, in the hands of advisors. It’s a very exciting time!”

The FMG’s new “one-click” AI-powered social media content engine is currently in Beta and being rolled out to all customers in March. It works within the Curator product on our Mobile App to provide a tool for advisors to generate custom captions for their social media posts based on best practices set by FMG’s thought leaders, such as using questions to engage readers, including bullets and emojis, summarizing key points, and including hashtags. The future phases will enable enhanced personalization based on preferences for tone, length, and formatting – in essence, a “digital voice print” that will be added to their profile and can be applied to any content on the platform.

Also on the roadmap is a feature that alerts advisors if their content may be flagged by compliance departments. This will help streamline the review process and significantly reduce the workload for compliance teams. In time, customers of FMG will be able to use the “one-click” personalization tool for all content types, including emails, blogs, white papers and e-books, greeting and note cards, and video scripts, making it simple to repurpose and distribute content across channels.

“Content marketing is the one undebatable ingredient of successful financial advisor marketing,” said Susan Theder, Chief Marketing and Experience Officer. “The new ‘one-click’ personalization feature will enable advisors to create marketing content that reflects their unique voice across all channels while also complying with industry regulations. I am excited to help advisors leverage this advancement to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing efforts.”

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