You never go anywhere without your phone

When you work with us, nothing is more than a click away. With the mobile app, you have access to compliance-ready, personalized, and AI-driven content to share content across email and social media with a click of a button


Pick your content

From current events and breaking news to holidays and professional milestones, we have ready-to-go emails or social posts for you to share with your community. And with our AI-powered Content With Curator™ you also receive access to thousands of articles from trusted sources like Forbes, Golf Digest, Wall Street Journal, and more.


Choose your audience and channels and tags

The ability to speak to everyone at once or just to specific groups means everyone can receive a personalized experience. Decide which channel and audience to communicate with, every time you share.


We'll take care of the rest

After you hit send, we’ll automatically route your post to get the green light from compliance before distributing it to your network. And with analytics right at your fingertips, you can easily check the status of any email or post and open rates to gauge what is working.

Your marketing calendar in the palm of your hands

See at-a-glance what you have scheduled to send, pending compliance or have already sent. You can also easily check on how you are doing with real-time analytics on open rates and engagement to help you assess what is working to adjust your strategy.

Your marketing calendar in the palm of your hand

See at-a-glance what you have scheduled to send, is pending compliance, or you’ve already sent. You can also easily access real-time engagement analytics, like open rates and clicks, to help you assess what is working and adjust your strategy.

A content platform that just knows you

The mobile app leverages Curator™, a content engine driven by Artificial Intelligence. Curator™ makes it easy for advisors to share curated, customizable, and compliance-ready content across multiple communication channels. Curator™ does this by tracking audience engagement and preferences to deliver even more relevant content. It also learns from your interests – highlighting hobbies, causes and other affinities.

Community and convenience from the palm of your hand

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