Idea Decanter Announces Strategic Partnership with FMG

SAN DIEGO, Calif., March 7, 2024 Idea Decanter, a video marketing agency that helps financial advisors write, record, produce, and market unique, custom-created videos, today announced a partnership with FMG to bring custom videos to the website platform. 

FMG is the industry’s leading financial advisor website provider and recently launched a new Premium Website offering that provides advisors with enhanced customization options and design support. Through the partnership, Idea Decanter will now enable FMG’s customers to record videos in the comfort of their office that work perfectly within the specifications of their FMG website. The package includes help planning, shooting, and producing video that will seamlessly integrate with all new FMG Premium Websites. Advisors can use the offering to produce a background video used for the “hero” section of their site or record an “about us” video. For those who are interested, there is also the ability to get custom story scripting and live performance coaching during recording sessions. The partnership is designed for advisors who want to modernize their website and improve SEO by adding custom videos and want a solution that is both compliant and simple to execute.

“First impressions are lasting, and that’s true for your website,” said Idea Decanter Co-founder Laura Garfield. “When you add the eye-catching motion of a custom background video to the top of your homepage, you make a powerful, memorable impression … and that goes a long way!”

“Your website is your new reception area. It’s where prospects form a first impression and decide whether they want to take the next step,” said Susan Theder, CMO at FMG. “Video has been proven to increase the time visitors spend on your site, as well as improve conversions. Yet many advisors don’t know how to produce a professional video that’s worthy of being on their public website, and once they do, they need help adding and positioning it in the best place on their site. That’s why this partnership is such a win-win. We’re excited to make it easier for advisors to leverage video to elevate their brand image to stand out from their competitors.”

Create, Engage, and Convert with this Turnkey Solution

  1. For both existing FMG website customers and advisors who are new to the platform, Idea Decanter will ship out a pop-up studio and direct a remote shoot to record custom video. The gear includes a light and two light stands, but the centerpiece for the record session is a remote studio app downloaded to the advisor’s phone. Live directing and coaching through the app from an Idea Decanter coach ensures great shots are captured.
  2. Once the recording is finished, the video clips are uploaded from the advisor’s phone to Idea Decanter’s team of professional editors. The finished video is delivered to the advisor for review and then to FMG to be built into the “hero” spot at the top of the homepage.
  3. Advisors wanting to add an extra custom touch to their website also have the option to produce a personal “About Us” video that can also be added to the homepage. The Idea Decanter team will help plan, script, record, and edit this video, starring the advisor and the advisory team. And it’s all done remotely!

“With our remote studio, instead of hosting a production crew in your office for a day, we’re getting your website video done in 90 minutes,” said Idea Decanter Co-founder Sharon Gottula. “Advisors have the chance to add studio-quality video to their websites without the expense or hassle of an on-site shoot.”

About Idea Decanter

Established in 2014 by Laura Garfield and Sharon Gottula, Idea Decanter believes in the power of video. Garfield is a former broadcast journalist. Gottula has 20+ years of professional photography and multimedia videography experience. This innovative creative video agency not only helps financial advisors create engaging video content, but also has the industry knowledge to advise on boosting the firm’s and individual advisors’ video marketing efforts. From building trust with current clients and strategic partners, to converting more prospects to clients and growing the business, video is a powerful communication tool – and Idea Decanter has a perfected a platform and array of service options that appeal to any advisor who wants to be seen as the most credible, personable authority in their community and/or field. In addition to nurturing client relationships and engaging prospects, video also has great search engine and viral sharing benefits. Using Idea Decanter has produced thousands of videos for advisors through the remote video service, and hundreds of financial advisors have watched their practice grow while saving themselves time, money, and headaches. Learn more at

About FMG

FMG powers an all-in-one marketing technology platform designed for financial advisors and insurance agents. With modern websites, email and social media tools, multimedia content, and more, FMG’s award-winning marketing suite makes it easy to build your brand, stay in touch with clients, and grow your business — all from one platform. Our features solve the most time-consuming marketing tasks, supporting your digital presence so you can focus on what you do best: helping your clients. With over 40,000 customers, FMG offers a solution to match your marketing goals. Whether you’re just starting or looking to expand your business further, our expertise is showing off yours. Click here to learn more.

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