Discover our library of compliant email campaigns

Use our pre-built campaigns for automated email marketing that saves you time and keeps your clients and prospects engaged. Simply turn on our email campaigns and automatically send beautifully-designed and responsive emails featuring content from our fully compliant content library.

Monthly Market Insights

Keep your network up-to-date on the markets with this video report featuring an overview of the previous month’s market performance and a glance at the month ahead. Available to send via email and social media.

Frequency: First week of each month


Video of the Month

Build a reputation as a financial expert with informative and entertaining video emails that simplify complex topics––from retirement to estate planning––and keep you top of mind.

Frequency: Third week of each month


Happy Birthday

Effortlessly send a greeting to each client on their special day. The automated email sends a unique, cheerful greeting on each contact’s date of birth.

Frequency: Annual


Pre-Retiree Primer

Educate clients approaching retirement on important topics like estate planning and social security. This series bridges the gap between wealth accumulation and distribution.

Frequency: Every other month


Holiday Greetings

Never miss a holiday again with themed Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, December Holidays, and New Year’s Day emails––sent even while you’re on holiday!

Frequency: Six times a year


Referral Campaign

Drive new business with quarterly emails that invite your clients to refer you to their friends and colleagues.

Frequency: Once per quarter


Free Up Your Time With Email Campaigns

Let us show you how to nurture clients, attract leads, and start building a scalable, relationship-based business.