Personalized Communication Deepens Relationships

Every day, the average office worker receives 121 emails. Most are mass emails without any personalization. A personalized card sent through the mail communicates on a personal level that email can never achieve. Transcending the strictly professional tone of most communication strengthens the client/advisor relationship. 

Physical Content is Perceived as Higher Value

Direct mail pieces are still seen as a nuisance and are quickly tossed out. When a client gets a greeting card addressed to them that is specific to a special occasion such as a birthday or holiday, it sets itself apart from other direct mail pieces. It keeps your card on the desk and out of the circular file.

Save Time & Effort

If the thought of sitting down and writing greeting cards to every client and prospect seems overwhelming, we don’t blame you. By automatically uploading data from your CRM system, you can send hundreds of personalized greeting cards with a few clicks.

Cards in Compliance

Most of our greeting cards come with messages already approved by compliance. If you write your own greetings, the cards will have to be resubmitted to your compliance department to ensure all your communications stay in line with FINRA regulations.

FMG Suite is your one stop shop for your marketing needs. Greeting cards can help you retain clients, attract new prospects, and deepen your relationships with both.

Cards for Every Occasion

Automatically send physical greeting cards for birthdays and holidays. Deepen relationships with your prospects and clients and keep your service top-of-mind with these beautifully designed personal direct mail pieces.

Ready to Greet the Day?

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