What are the Benefits of Automation in Brand Development and Communication?

When working toward marketing automation for financial advisors, it’s crucial to know your benefits. Here are 7 benefits that marketing automation can bring to financial advisors.

1. Marketing Automation for Financial Advisors 

From optimizing time spent on marketing to determining which clients and prospects should receive the most focus, financial advisors and firms can realize much more with marketing automation. Automation software and systems can handle tedious marketing tasks. But the ultimate benefit lies in automation’s ability to analyze, adapt, and make the most of marketing spend. 

The financial services industry can’t realize the benefits of targeted, consistent, on-demand marketing until it adopts the automation mindset. From more productive communication to brand building, marketing automation covers a lot of ground—automatically! 

2. More Time for the More Important

Financial advisors are busier than ever, keeping up with industry advancements and learning the best ways to reach more prospects. But advisors can often find themselves working with tasks that don’t have an immediate impact on revenue. By leveraging marketing automation, financial advisors can expedite that “busy work” and focus on the more important elements of financial services: prospects and clients.

The benefits of technological advancement lie at the heart of marketing automation solutions. Tasks and projects that once took days now take hours, and what took hours now takes minutes. This decrease in time spent on marketing means that advisors can spend more time improving their expertise, researching trends, and working on other endeavors that can have a more immediate impact on the growth of their client base. 

3. More Effective Spend

One of the key benefits of a marketing automation system is the time saved with marketing efforts, which results in decreased labor costs. Reduced labor costs mean marketing budgets can be trimmed, and savings can be invested in other areas. Imagine enjoying better marketing results AND having more money to invest in a more considerable ad spend for brand building, elite talent, or numerous other opportunities for increasing AUM. 

Another cost savings inherent in effective automated marketing systems is that they market better. Through integrated analytics, marketing technology can find opportunities, weed out poorly-performing marketing efforts, and enhance efforts that perform well. This analysis often leads to marketing avenues that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. Simply put, effective marketing technologies determine what efforts provide the most ROI. 

4. Scalability

As digital marketing continues to evolve and become more complex, it becomes more critical that processes, systems, and automation can scale with growth. It should be evident to many in the financial services industry that the CRM system and other systems they used a decade or two ago are now ineffective.

Because scalability is such a critical element of modern software and systems, investing in marketing automation solutions from reputable vendors should support both short- and long-term growth. This automation will increase market reach today and support the growing audience of even the most ambitious advisor or firm. 

5. Building the Brand 

One of the far-reaching benefits of a marketing automation system is its ability to build a financial advisor’s or firm’s brand. Brand position describes offerings and services and who they are designed for. Which is critical for reaching the right audience and building industry authority. A marketing automation system is not only designed to ensure consistency but also to get that brand position in front of more targeted prospects and clients.

Without automation, aligning brand personality, a brand’s story, and brand associations across a wide range of marketing mediums would be difficult at best. The specific traits of a brand’s personality, the story behind a brand’s history, and even the logos, colors, fonts, and taglines associated with a brand must be consistent and complementary to build credibility and trust. 

6. Communication 

Automated marketing systems excel at streamlining communication between a financial services advisor or firm and their targeted audience. From determining what content performs the best to analyze an audience’s feedback, an effective automated marketing system can analyze this two-way communication and adjust its efforts to create stronger relationships. Automated marketing is built for “listening” to consumers and adapting the marketing approach accordingly.

One of the less obvious benefits of a marketing automation system is its impact on communication between departments. The common adage that marketing and sales can’t coexist comfortably is a prime example of how automation can transcend traditional barriers. Sales departments historically blame marketing departments for a lack of leads, and marketing often feels that sales squander those hard-earned leads. 

7. Social Media 

Social media is an essential part of growing a financial services presence online. Regardless of how some “more mature” companies and executives perceive social media, the medium is here to stay, and it is powerful. Consider the following: 

If those statistics don’t raise an eyebrow in the financial services industry, we can’t imagine what would. While having a social media presence is a necessity, it is very time-consuming. Between updating profiles, responding to clients and prospects, creating and sharing relevant content, and managing the various social media accounts, effective social media marketing is a full-time endeavor. 

Social media automation software fills this full-time role by sharing posts and content across social media channels while keeping the brand consistent and in front of the right audience. The benefits of consistent, frequent social media activity include more website traffic, better search engine results, and, ultimately, more qualified leads.

Social media automation is designed for efficiency, brand building, and enhancing a targeted audience’s experience, but even the most advanced system can’t replace the human interaction that builds relationships. Someone will still have to engage in meaningful conversations, reply to queries, and moderate comments. But with the right marketing automation system, the time investment will be far less than with traditional social media marketing.

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