Certain words are magic when it comes to SEO. Here are three quick ways for advisors to raise their SEO ranking:

  1. Use keywords (words that refer directly to the subject matter) often, especially in the first few lines.
  2. Use Headers and Sub-heads, and put the keywords in there too.
  3. Change it up. Changing content often will get the attention of the search engine.

How do your advisors identify the magic words that will drive more traffic to their websites?

Start by going to Google Analytics, or another analysis tool to find out what words are already driving traffic there. Google also has a keyword search tool and an “insights” tool that helps advisors rank keywords according to effectiveness. Advisors may want to add specific location terms on every page as well,  so that people searching in a certain area will be guided there.

Another great tool to help advisors identify “high-value/low-competition” is Google’s Keyword Planner. This tool allows you to input a search term and offers alternative keyword strings that will help generate the similar web traffic. This is handy when an advisor is trying to find a more effective way to express a term like “financial planning” (which already has market saturation) by offering keywords that have less competition like, say, “wealth management.”