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? Going All In On Your Niche via Advisorpedia

When it comes to narrowing down the niche that you serve, many advisors are hesitant. If you can get past that, going “all in” on your niche is incredibly beneficial.

?Key Insight

Serving a particular niche can not only drive more qualified leads to your business while also helping you to get more for your marketing dollar. This podcast breaks down what it takes while focusing on particular aspects that really work for your business so that you can grow while serving the types of clients that you want.

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?Social Media Hacks to Make Your Content Stand Out [Infographic] via Social Media Today

A strong social strategy is crucial to the success of your marketing plan, so it’s important that you’re doing the things that make you stand out. 

?Key Insight

It can be difficult to shine in a saturated industry, but there are certain “hacks” you can do to help. From what you should do in terms of content creation to the time that you post, a few small tweaks can make a big difference.

Check out the infographic here

? In-Person Events Accelerate Client Relationships-Try These Fun Ideas! With Scott Heinila (Ep. 408) via ProudMouth

If you could give your client an unforgettable experience, think about how that could strengthen your relationship. In this podcast episode, Matt Halloran catches up with Scott Heinila of Producers Choice Network to discuss how a great client event can help you to stand out from your competitors. 

?Key Insight

Not only does Scott discuss the importance of a truly unique client experience, but he breaks down how podcasting how really helped his business, the importance of consistent marketing and more.

Listen to the episode here.

? The Power of Brand Advocacy and Its Uses via SproutSocial

If you have strong brand advocacy, then it can really make a difference in your marketing. How can you harness this and boost your strategy? 

?Key Insight

Brand advocates are going to tell others why your business is great, and using this type of third-party feedback can really do wonders for the overall success of your business, and we love how this article breaks it down and shares why it matters for your company.

Read the full article here.

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