Grow your firm

Lead Generating tools let you quickly use your website, social media, and email to launch end-to-end campaigns to attract and capture fresh new leads and referrals.

How Lead Generation Works

1. Potential new client finds your site on social media, search engines, or via a referral

2. Potential new client fills out a form for an ebook and provides their name and email

3. A new contact is created and added to your automated campaigns

4. Prospects receives regular emails and eventually contacts you to become a client

Content that Converts

Choose from over a dozen valuable ebooks and quizzes and place them throughout your site to offer helpful resources in exchange for prospects’ contact information.

End-to-End Campaigns

Launch campaigns across social media, search engines, and email that drive traffic back to these powerful ebooks with pre-designed landing pages and advertising creative.

Facebook and Google Ads

Drive traffic back to your content through pre-designed Google and Facebook ads to reach new potential clients.

Automated Referral Campaign

Our quarterly email campaign encourages your contacts to share a referral in exchange for a valuable ebook. It’s a win-win.

CRM Integration

Whenever a form is filled out on your site, you are immediately notified and the lead automatically becomes a new contact in your CRM.

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