Service attachment for FMG SEO Foundations

Dated: June 2022

Unless otherwise defined in this Service Attachment, capitalized terms will have the meaning given to them in the Agreement.

This Service Attachment governs your subscription to the Company’s SEO Foundations Service.

1. Definitions.

  • “SEO” means Search Engine Optimization
  • “SEO Foundations Service” means our SEO Foundations service described below:
    • Keyword analysis
    • Content audit
    • Social audit
    • Competitor profile
    • On-site optimization
    • Google My Business review
    • Google Analytics set up
    • Content strategy recommendations
  • “SEO Specialist” means an individual assigned to oversee your SEO Foundations Service
  • The “SEO Foundations Service” will begin on the Order Effective Date for your order for the SEO Foundations Service and will continue for a period of ninety (90) days after which time such SEO Foundations Service Term shall expire

2. SEO Foundations Service. After ordering the SEO Foundations Service, Company will request the information necessary to complete the requested service. Once you provide the necessary information, your SEO Specialist will prepare and deliver to you recommended website optimizations for your website including but not limited to; Content, Title and Meta tags, Keyword Research and Placement, etc. After receiving the initial recommended optimizations, you may request one (1) complimentary round of edits. Edits will be completed and delivered to you for your review. Additional rounds of edits, including any which are requested prior to receiving back prior requests for edits, are charged at $150 per additional round. In the event that you request an additional round of edits, or become non-responsive to our requests for information, we may not be able to complete the SEO Foundations Service during the SEO Foundations Service Term. In the event that you need additional time to review the recommended website optimizations, or for us to provide additional edits, you will be charged a fee of $100 to add an additional one (1) month to the SEO Foundations Service Term, which charge shall be in addition to any fees charged for additional rounds of edits.

3. Process. The SEO Foundations Service process typically takes place as follows:

Strategy Phase: On a call, your SEO Specialist will outline the SEO Foundations Service and request necessary information about your company, your service focus areas, your service areas, and other needed information.

Analysis Phase: Your SEO Specialist along with our team of SEO experts will perform an analysis of your website, checking for all the critical SEO items that Search Engines (like Google) look for when evaluating a website for its authority and relevance for search phrases. This will include but not be limited to an evaluation of your Title and Meta tags, content and keyword placement. The outcome of this analysis phase will be a report that illustrates your website’s weak points and strengths and how you stack up against your competitors in your industry for relevant search phrases from an SEO perspective.

Recommendations Phase: Related to the analysis we perform, your SEO Specialist will make recommendations for edits and optimizations for your website. We will send you new content and, in some cases, content pages to be added to your website, keywords and phrases to be added within certain pages of your website, along with Title and Meta tag optimizations.

Review Phase: Once the recommendations are complete, your SEO Specialist will send them to you for your review and approval.

Implementation & Compliance Phase: Once you approve the optimizations we have recommended, we will implement them on your website and, through FMG’s compliance tools, send them for review by your compliance department. Once approved by your compliance department, we will make them live on your website.

4. Your Responsibilities. You play an important role in helping us deliver a successful SEO Foundations process. Your failure to provide timely feedback when requested may result in delays and subject you to additional charges. We will not be responsible for delays or your dissatisfaction resulting from your failure to abide by the terms herein or for your compliance department’s failure to provide timely approval. The SEO Foundations Service is dependent on your responsiveness.

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