How to Generate Leads for Financial Advisors


Lead generation for financial advisors used to be a tedious endeavor that consumed a lot of valuable time. But with the advent of digital marketing, you can harness powerful tools that are more efficient and more effective for growing your business. From professional websites to automated campaigns, generating leads and building strong relationships has never been easier. When you use financial advisor lead generation services from FMG Suite as part of your digital marketing strategy, you will reach more targeted prospects and profit from more conversions.


The Best Lead Generation Tools for Financial Advisors


With so many options available for generating leads, it can be tough to figure out what tools and solutions will create the greatest ROI. No single marketing tool can give you the consistent results you need, so the most effective marketing elements will be the ones that integrate with and support your overall marketing strategy. Email marketing, blogging, social media posting, and a professional website must work together to build the online presence you need to grow your business.


At the core of a well-tuned marketing strategy lies one of the most powerful lead generation tools ever created: the landing page.


What is a landing page?

A landing page is not just another web page on your advisor website. Landing pages are the foundations for specific campaigns, and they’re designed to get your page visitors to take a targeted action. That action may be to provide information to use in your CRM, learn more about a product or service, or to receive further information. No matter what type of call to action is used, the goal is to generate leads and, ultimately, conversions.


There are two types of landing pages. The most often used landing by financial advisors is the lead generation landing page. This page is designed to capture the email addresses of visitors so you can continue to market to them. The other type of landing page is called a click-through page. The goal of this page is to entice visitors to click through to the next step on their client journey.


How do you get landing page visitors to submit their information?

If you want your landing page visitors to provide important, personal information, you must give them something in return. Gated content is a proven incentive to capture more leads. Gated content is an ebook, video, or other type of content that gives your prospects a valuable resource in exchange for their information. A gated content example would be a pop-up on a page that offers to deliver more information that is relevant to that page’s content.


How do you create the best lead generation forms?

The best lead generation form for financial advisors is the one that requires the least effort on the part of your prospect while still capturing the essential information you need. Whether it’s signing up for your newsletter or gaining access to gated content, you want the process to be quick and easy. As long as you capture enough information to let you stay in contact with prospects, the form is effective. FMG Suite uses a maximum of 4 fields on our forms, and we recommend the same to our clients.


Where you place your request for information can be just as important as the form itself. You want your calls to action to be relevant to the content your visitor is viewing and hopefully entice them to move forward to learn more. For example, a strategically placed form-fill on a page discussing financial planning best practices would ask the reader a question that would likely be on their mind after reading. They give you their information, and you provide them with the answer. Simple and effective.


Our newest Slide Share is all about lead generation forms and how they can help your marketing! Check out the presentation to learn more.

Lead Generation for Financial Advisors: Optimizing Your Landing Page


As discussed before, your calls to action and form-fills must be relevant to the content your visitor is reading. Referred to as the “information scent” in marketing circles, this relevance also means that the landing page should deliver precisely what the clickable ad promises. This congruence also means your layout, images, and headlines on your landing page should reflect the same components presented in your ad.


Engaging your audience, prolonging the time they spend on a landing page, and reducing your bounce rate are all important for generating leads and positively impacting SEO. No content does all these things as effectively as video. Research has consistently shown that video significantly increases conversions compared to other types of content. Your targeted audience and search engines love video, so you would be hard pressed to find a more efficient way to please both.


Optimized offers should always be focused on benefits rather than features. While you must include enough content about features to ensure your visitor understands what’s being offered, the benefits they’ll experience from clicking through is what gets them to take action.


The layout of your landing page should follow the F-pattern discovered by the Nielsen Norman Group. Their user experience study using eye-tracking showed that page visitors usually scan the page across the top, then a shorter scan across the text beneath, and finally down the left side of the page. These eye-tracking indicators resemble an uppercase F, hence the name of the pattern. These study results mean that the most relevant information should be placed along these lines for the most engagement and to increase the time visitors spend on a page.


There’s no definitive answer on whether a long or short landing page will work best for your financial advisor marketing. Thankfully, it’s easy to try out not only different content lengths, but also every other aspect of the page from layout and design to calls to action and fill-forms with A/B testing. A/B simply means trying “A,” measuring the results and then trying “B.” Think of the term trial and error, and you’ve got the gist of A/B testing.



Learn More About Lead Generation for Financial Advisors


You can easily harness the power of gated content with financial advisor lead generation services like FMG Suite’s Page Gating Tool. From highly valuable blog posts and white papers to custom pages with insightful resources, you can turn any web page into a powerful tool for generating leads. Check out this video to learn more about our gated content solutions.



In addition to the Page Gating Tool, FMG Suite has designed a lead generation tool to provide your visitors with insightful, relevant content built specifically for financial advisors. Our Lead Gen Sections solution makes gathering information from prospects quick and easy. You can choose from valuable content like a quiz or a professionally written ebook to offer in exchange for visitors’ information.


The tool lets you edit the lead generation forms to customize the appearance, from button text and color to headlines and background images. Best of all, the ebook or other content your visitors download are uniquely branded with your logo, location, and disclaimers. We’ll even let you know when you’ve hooked a new lead for quick follow-up. Find out more with our Lead Gen Sections video.



Learn more about how to generate leads for financial advisors and FMG Suite’s powerful marketing tools with a free demo. We’ll show you just how easy it can be to drive leads and increase conversions.