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5 Ways to Convert More Leads with Your Landing Pages

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What is a landing page?

Considering all of the moving pieces that go into a marketing system, it may seem a tad obsessive to focus on optimizing your landing pages. But when it comes to the success or failure of your marketing campaigns, your landing page plays a crucial role and presents some of the simplest ways to improve your conversion rate (the rate at which visitors to your page submit their information and become leads). It is also something that is a real struggle for many businesses. Getting landing pages built and tested is one of the top five challenges faced by B2B marketers.

What differentiates a landing page from all of the other pages on your website? The answer is pretty simple. Your website is designed to attract organic traffic and act as a general calling card for your brand. A landing page is designed for a specific campaign and is optimized to encourage a single action from those who land on it.

The two types of landing pages

There are two primary types of landing pages. The most popular type and probably the type most used by financial advisors is the lead generation landing page. The whole point of this page is to capture the email address of the person who lands on the page in order to continue to market to them through email.

The other type of landing page is a click-through page. Its main point is to provide inspiration and encouragement to keep a person clicking through on their journey deeper into the website.

While there are many applications for the second type of paper, it is the first that concerns most people. Capturing leads on a landing page is one of the central tasks of any marketing effort.

Benefits of a well-designed landing page

While we at FMG Suite are major proponents of content, there is no denying that design (with content as an element) is the primary concern of any landing page execution. A well-designed landing page can provide your brand and your campaign with several important benefits. Here are just a few:

Create a stellar first impression – You have a tremendously small amount of time to capture someone’s interest when they come to a landing page. In fact, some studies indicate that a user creates their impression of a page within 50 milliseconds (or 1/20th) of a second

Establish a relationship of trust – A well-designed landing page is going to communicate trustworthiness to your prospects at a crucial moment. One element of your landing page that will be integral in establishing your relationship of trust is the image you chose for your landing page. One type of image that instills immense trust and suggests a high value of your content is a 3D mockup of your eBook or whitepaper. You can find a free 3D mockup maker here

Increase your conversion rates – This is what it is really all about. That is why A/B testing (creating multiple versions of a page and then seeing which one performs better) is so important with landing pages. By experimenting with slight differences, dramatically different results can be obtained. It is important to consistently try and improve your landing page so that your marketing effort continues to grow in its efficacy.

Here are 5 ways to increase the conversion rate of your landing pages:

  1. Establish the information scent – At this point in our digital evolution, we are all skeptical any time we click on an advertisement. We are immediately looking for cues to let us know if the offer we have agreed to explore is legitimate. One cue we subconsciously seek out is referred to as “conversion scent” or “information scent”. Information scent might sound like something a robot bloodhound uses for tracking, but it actually refers to the congruence between your ads and your landing pages. If a prospect reads an ad with a certain headline, certain offer, and a certain picture, it is important that the same headline offer and picture appear on the landing page. A prospect is much more likely to trust your offer if they feel you are delivering on exactly what was promised in the ad.
  2. Use video to increase retention – If you find that you have a high bounce rate (meaning your prospects are not staying on your landing page for more than a few seconds) one strategy is to use a video to increase the time users stay on the page. Not only are videos an effective way to communicate the benefits of your offer, they are engaging without being taxing. Using a video instead of a static picture is shown to increase a prospect’s chance of converting by up to 86%
  3. Tailor your design to the ‘F’ pattern – 12 years ago the Nielsen Norman Group, a UX design firm, released an eye-tracking study that revealed an interesting fact about how we take in the web. The study showed that when we land on a new web page our initial scan of the page consists of one scan across the top line of text, a shorter scan across the line of text underneath it and then a scan down the left side of the page focused on the first words of each line. The shape our eyes track resembles an uppercase F. Designers have found that by making sure these areas contain the most relevant information and words that a user might be searching for lead to longer viewing times and subsequently higher conversion rates.
  4. Illustrate the benefits of your offer – Do you know the difference between a feature and a benefit? Simply put, features are the elements that make up an offering while benefits are the effects someone sees in their lives once they utilize an offering. While it is important to explain some of the features of whatever you are offering, it is more important to focus on the benefits the prospect can expect to see in their life once they have taken the offering. What is so important about the content you are presenting? How will it change things for them? These are the points of evidence someone considers when they are deciding whether there is enough inherent value to motivate them to trade their precious information for your piece of content. This information is often listed in a bullet point list under the image or video.
  5. Experiment with landing page length – Which works better, short landing pages or long landing pages? The answer is a resounding “it depends”. The conventional wisdom may seem a little obvious but is worth thinking about. If your call to action is simple, for example, asking for an email address, a short landing page will be better. It provides just enough information to convince the person that they have little to lose. But if you are asking for a larger commitment, scheduling a consultation or selling a product, a longer landing page is often necessary to adequately convince a prospect to take the next step. This is another great opportunity for A/B testing. Try two different length pages with the same campaign and see which one converts at a higher rate.

FMG Suite provides its users with a beautiful and optimized landing page for the eBooks we produce and that are available through our Attract™ package. Those customers are also able to gate pages. However, if you are looking to add a form fill to a page to make a custom landing page we aren’t quite there yet (as of 6/7/18) though it is definitely on our to-do list for this year.

In the meantime, we suggest our customers use Cognito Forms until we are done developing the feature ourselves. Simply design the form and then place the HTML in one of our HTML only sections in our web editor. Just remember that the information collected by the form will need to be downloaded manually and added to your FMG Suite email list.

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