A brand positioning strategy is a plan that defines your unique identity through specific, consistent messaging in everything from digital marketing to the services you offer. Your brand is not your name, website, or logo; your brand is the story of who you are that separates you from every other financial services provider.

Financial advisor branding is all about building an online presence that connects to the needs, emotions, and intellect of prospects. A successful brand positioning strategy will define your company in a way that distinguishes it from the thousands of other service providers and creates a powerful and stable competitive advantage.

Imagine what harnessing the power of financial advisor branding could do for your company. The story of your specific approach to financial services and client relationships builds trust, creates a position of authority, and helps increase your AUM.

The Four Components of Brand Engagement

  Did you know that 64% of consumers cite shared values as the primary reason they have a relationship with a brand? As a financial advisor, this applies to and your brand as well. Establishing a brand that speaks to your potential clients and aligns with who you are as a business is key to…

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How Financial Advisors Can Set a Marketing Budget

Figuring out how much money to spend on your marketing budget can be tough for financial advisors. How much is too much - or too little? We provide some guidance on the topic, so you can determine the appropriate budget for your blogs, social media campaigns, emails, and more. Join Brandon…

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Where Can I Get New Content Ideas?

We often hear from advisors that the biggest hurdle for content marketing is coming up with ideas for content - and remembering them when it's time to write! There are a number of tips and tricks we use at FMG Suite to find inspiration for our blogs and videos and keep those ideas organized.…

Financial Advisors Could Learn About Marketing From John Deere

John Deere tractors and farming machinery have a reputation as being the best in their category. Founded in 1837, the iconic green and yellow brand is instantly recognizable even to those who have never set foot on a farm or a ranch. How did such a functional and perfunctory product earn such a…

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What is Purpose-Driven Marketing?

Increasingly, you're seeing major brands start purpose-driven marketing campaigns by aligning their company with a cause that's meaningful to them. As a financial advisor, is this something that you should attempt? Brandon Brown and Kirk Faulkner discuss on the latest Marketing Tip video.

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How Can I Tell If My Content Marketing is Actually working?

So you're publishing blogs and videos, adding posts to social media, and putting more effort into your content marketing. But how can you tell if it's actually working? Join Kirk Faulkner and Brandon Brown as they discuss what to look for and how to track the success of your marketing…

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How Can I Make My Conference a Success?

Whether you're hosting a seminar or a conference, both you and your attendees want it to be a successful event. By updating your website and taking advantage of social media, you can better promote your event and create an unforgettable experience. Join Kirk Faulkner and Brandon Brown as they…

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How Can I Improve My Engagement on Social Media?

Not only is earning more engagement on social media a meaningful way to increase traffic to your website and generate new prospects, but it is also a lot of fun too! In fact, one of the best ways to maintain your enthusiasm for social marketing is to generate engagement with your audience. But…

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How Taking Data Security Seriously Can Earn Client Trust

Financial advisors have a vested interest in earning the trust of their clients. In a survey of wealth advisory clients, the number one reason given for engaging an advisor's services was that they were “trusted”. It ranked even higher than “good investment track record”. One major goal of your…

Commitment to Data Security Whitepaper

Commitment To Data Security Financial advisors have a vested interest in earning the trust of their clients. In a survey of wealth advisory clients, the number one reason given for engaging an advisor’s services was that they were…

Marketing Blog and Strategy Info for Financial Advisors

Does your digital marketing strategy include cutting-edge SEO? Are your digital marketing efforts effectively establishing your brand, your industry authority, and targeted to the right market? Is your digital content informative, engaging, and consistent? When you make the FMG Suite marketing blog your go-to source for digital marketing news, you will be able to answer all of these questions and many more.

Because digital marketing is in a constant state of flux, we are consistently adding fresh content to help you stay on top of the latest digital marketing trends so you can tap into all those prospects looking for a financial services resource like you. Not only will you learn the right questions to ask regarding your digital marketing strategy, but you will also learn the best answers. Just as important, you'll learn how to implement powerful tools for making sure all of your answers are the right ones, right here with FMG Suite. From industry compliance to improving social media engagement, we have you covered.