Get the right message to the right client

The secret to increasing marketing engagement is sending your audience content that is relevant and meaningful to them. The best way to do that is to know your audience and use what you know to help you pick the content they want to read.


Simply connect your CRM with marketing tools

We’ve made this really easy by integrating with the top CRMs to create automated 2-way syncs, so your contacts and data are always up to date.


Create groups and tags

Create segments that allow you to communicate differently with prospects than clients and retirees versus highly compensated executives.


Tailor your content strategy to your groups

Increase engagement by sending content tailored to a specific segment or audience in your contacts. It’s easy to pick the content when you know the interests and motivations of your audience.

Create personalization at scale

Personalization drives growth. However, most advisors don’t have time to write a custom email to every client. By taking a helping hand from intelligent grouping and segmentation that you have done in your Marketing CRM, you can curate more personalized experiences for your clients and prospects.

Performance is everything

Targeted campaigns have a higher open and clickthrough rate (CTR) than those sent out to a broad list. Even doing some simple segmentation based on age, niche or shared interests will increase engagement in your communications.

Get to know your audience

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