5 Proven Tactics With The Highest Marketing ROI

The array of marketing strategies, tools and tactics available to financial advisors is staggering. And with limited time and budget, it can be difficult to prioritize one approach over another. The result is often a reduction in marketing performance and a poor return on investment. So, what should advisors prioritize to get the most out of their marketing efforts?

Examining data from Michael Kitces’s 2022 marketing report, FMG identified five critical opportunities for advisors to improve their marketing ROI. Our team selected opportunities by comparing usage and success rates to identify underused yet proven tactics. We then compiled a list of strategies advisors can use to apply these tactics in their marketing and increase their ROI.

This ebook will provide actionable steps to incorporate each tactic, with additional tips to help prioritize your marketing approach. Download your copy to discover what you can do to help improve your marketing performance.

Download and learn:

- What to expect from your marketing and what to prioritize
- How to create a clear marketing plan
- Easy methods to improve search engine optimization
- How to use drip campaigns to generate leads
- Webinar and virtual workshop hosting methods
- How to elevate your marketing with video content

Applying the tactics in this book can save time, simplify marketing efforts and improve overall marketing ROI.  

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