Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile To Generate More Business

Social media is an undeniably powerful tool for growing your business. In fact, social media initiatives resulted in an average AUM of 4.9 million dollars in a survey of over 1,000 advisors (Putnam Investments).

The social media channel a business chooses though, often depends on its goals. For financial advisors, LinkedIn provides unique advantages compared to other networks, making it the platform of choice among many advisory firms.

This guide highlights the unique advantages of LinkedIn and provides step-by-step instructions and examples to optimize your profile and develop a content strategy that appeals to both prospects and the LinkedIn algorithm.

As always, consult your compliance department for rules surrounding social media before getting started.

Download your copy today to discover:

- 5 steps and examples to build a strong LinkedIn profile, the foundation of your LinkedIn presence.

- How to develop an engaging content strategy to connect and attract prospects

- Best practices to help you leverage the LinkedIn algorithm to prioritize your posts and improve potential reach.

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