An Advisor’s Story: Crafting a Fulfilling Niche from Life’s Challenging Transitions

August 23, 2023, 01:03 pm

Tune in to hear how Chevonne Farler, Wealth Management Advisor at TBH Advisors has found success serving a fulfilling niche. Chevonne shared how she has leveraged FMG to increase engagement with clients and prospects, all while driving new business catering to a specific niche of clients going through major life events, such as divorce or the death of a spouse.

In this webinar, Chevonne Farler and Susan Theder share some of the specific ways Chevonne markets her services and how FMG can help. They shared specific details on:
  • Why Chevonne chose her niche and how she markets her firm and services
  • How has she been intentional about growing her niche (Around 80% of her new clients are navigating death and divorce whereas it was at 10-15% around 3 years ago! This really shows how niche marketing has changed her business! 👏)
  • Chevonne’s marketing strategies and the impact the “Do It For Me” program has had on her business (her open rate for emails are around 50-70% since utilizing our DIFM program! 🎉)
  • The main ways that she uses social media to connect with prospects
  • How she drips on clients and the specific marketing tactics that she’s excited to tackle in the future
“It has freed up so much of my time, because I'm not the one having to do every little piece of compliance, I'm not the one having to write every single word. Having the marketing team has been huge from scheduling out the social posts, scheduling out the blogs, and connecting it to my website…all of that is packaged together. I don’t have to worry about it.” - Chevonne Farler

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