Curious about the “Do It For Me” Program? Hear One Advisor’s Marketing Success Story

September 20, 2023, 11:00 am

Tune in to hear how Kim Chorney, Partner at Madison Financial Planning has found marketing success at her firm. Kim shared how she has leveraged FMG to consistently share content in a personal way to boost client engagement and drive more prospects to her business.

In this webinar, Kim Chorney and Susan Theder reveal the secrets to her outstanding success, including:
  • The evolution of her marketing strategy and how it has changed since starting the “Do It For Me” marketing program
  • The role that content marketing plays at her firm (specifically, the impact of the timely marketing pieces)
  • How she breaks down the analytics and what it means for her decisions about marketing (plus, what’s contributing to her emails getting 50% open rates! 👏)
  • Her social media strategy and how she plans to expand her engagement
  • Client events and how she ties them into her marketing plan
“What I love about the content, is that it’s engaging, timely, super thoughtful, and really relatable to my clients. It truly has helped us to help our clients through some of these difficult markets.” - Kim Chorney

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