Home-Run Marketing Ideas from an MLB Player Turned RIA

March 23, 2023, 11:00 am

Get ready to hear some fantastic ideas for content creation, straight from the mind of a former MLB player turned successful advisor. And with baseball’s opening day just around the corner, what better way to learn and get inspired than by learning from someone who knows the “marketing” game inside and out?

In this webinar, Chief Evangelist, Samantha Russell and Chief Marketing & Experience Officer, Susan Theder are joined by former MLB player turned successful financial advisor Kevin Thompson, Founder & CEO of 9I Capital Group. They discussed:
  • Kevin’s journey from being a pro baseball player to launching his own RIA
  • His best marketing ideas that have, and continue to, play a big role in his success
  • Insights from Kevin’s book “MLB to CFP®,” including tips for advisors looking to take their practice to the next level-and more.
Kevin’s Journey from professional baseball player to RIA [5:07]

Kevin’s Journey from professional baseball player to RIA [5:07]

  • Kevin was drafted and 5 years later, he was involved in a Ponzi Scheme. After that, he managed his own money, got his business degree and decided to become an advisor to help others avoid this.
  • He wrote a book MLB to CFP®, to be able to provide tangible help to his audience
  • He founded 9I Capital Group with the mission to educate individuals, empower families, and engage small business owners in creating positive long-term financial habits.

The importance of consistent client communications [14:07]

The importance of consistent client communications [14:07]

  • “Remember that you will never lose a client by over-communicating.” - Kevin’s key takeaway for webinar participants and his philosophy for committing to a consistent client communication strategy.
  • Kevin’s typical content creation plan involves sending a weekly market update on Monday, a podcast on Tuesday and saving time for blogging and other content creation.

Kevin’s social media and content strategy [34:38]

Kevin’s social media and content strategy [34:38]

  • LinkedIn has been a great resource to find guests for his podcast.
  • His YouTube channel is a place where he can showcase his expertise. It has helped him with referrals as current clients can direct their connections to his channel.
  • He loves that you can easily share timely content with the FMG Mobile App on all social platforms.

Repurposing your content [48:50]

Repurposing your content [48:50]

  • When it comes to content creation, Kevin said repurposing is key. You can turn a great conversation into an email, you can get several social posts from a blog, a podcast can be added to your YouTube channel and so on!

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