How to Capitalize on the Growing Demand for Estate Planning in Your Marketing

June 04, 2024, 11:00 am

The gap between what clients expect to receive from their advisor and what they actually get has never been wider. There is a huge demand for estate planning right now, and with demand comes opportunity.

In this webinar, Samantha Russell was joined by Co-Founder and Chief Partnership Officer of, Tim White to share how to incorporate estate planning into your service offerings and effectively market them.
The Great Wealth Transfer [7:19]

The Great Wealth Transfer [7:19]

  • The Great Wealth Transfer is already happening with $84.4 trillion expected to be passed between generations in the next 25 years.
  • Of this wealth, 86% is expected to go to Gen X and Millennial heirs and 14% to charity.
  • 95 million adults are expecting an inheritance (95M+) with an average value of $738,724.23.

How Can You Capitalize on The Great Wealth Transfer? [8:11]

How Can You Capitalize on The Great Wealth Transfer? [8:11]

  • Only 19% of clients work with their parents’ advisor
  • According to Cerulli, 92% of affluent investors who use their own advisor did not consider their parents’ advisor in their selection process.
  • Nearly all clients (93%) expect to receive estate planning assistance from their advisors.
  • Less than ¼ of the clients (22%) reported receiving estate planning assistance.

Delivering On Your Clients Demands [9:58]

Delivering On Your Clients Demands [9:58]

  • As an advisor, you are positioned to deliver on your clients’ needs and wants.
  • According to McKinsey & Company, advisors are adding nonfinancial products and services such as trust administration, tax preparation, estate planning, and lifestyle management services to their platforms.
  • Client preferences for holistic advice have risen by about 60% since 2018.

How to Market Your Estate Planning Services [32:01]

How to Market Your Estate Planning Services [32:01]

  • Make sure you list estate planning in your “Google Business” Profile
  • Ensure you’re very clear on your website that you offer these services.
  • Use simple language to explain what estate planning really means.
  • Tell stories that people can relate to.
  • Create an “Estate Planning Resource Center” on your website.
  • Add testimonials that speak to how you help with estate planning and management.
  • Add interactive elements to your website such as quizzes or other ways that you can engage with prospects. (This showcases your expertise and shows how you can help them.)
  • Include estate planning topics in your emails.
  • Talk about estate planning concerns in your social posts.

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