How To Turn A Market Downturn Into A Marketing Upturn

June 23, 2022, 11:00 am

We took flight with YCharts to chat about the best ways to navigate, communicate and stay ahead of all the bumps and turns of the market. And being in a bear market, there is no better time to ensure you’re staying ahead of your clients’ questions and concerns as we navigate market volatility. With more engagement, you set more confidence in your clients’ minds. And a financial plan that is paired with effective communication is much stronger than one lacking communication skills.

In this webinar, Samantha Russell, Chief Evangelist at FMG and Sean Brown, CEO of YCharts shared what it takes to turn a market downturn into a marketing upturn. Some of the key points they discussed were:
  • The best tactics to ease clients' anxiety in today's market volatility
  • How to develop a comprehensive communications strategy to address periods of market turbulence
  • Ways to reinforce your expertise to clients & ensure their portfolio is in safe hands
They covered so much great information, and we hope that you are excited about all the new things to come at FMG plus you can take away at least a few actionable tips to boost your marketing strategy and grow your business over the summer and beyond. And if you would like to view the slides, you can do so here or if you would like to see five talking points with visuals to help clients contextualize and simplify what is happening in the market, then you can download those right here.

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