Leveraging Your Client or Prospect’s Age Milestones to Exponentially Grow Your Business

January 30, 2024, 11:00 am

When it comes to advisor marketing, personalization is the key to successful communication. One simple but often underutilized personalization strategy is based on triggers tying back to a person’s age.

In this quick webinar, Chief Marketing & Experience Officer, Susan Theder and CEO of Bento Engine, Philipp Hecker share how to personalize your marketing strategy by leveraging life events and important age milestones. They talked about the Bento Engine integration, how to use the FMG platform and more.
Key takeaways:
  • It is important to lead with timely, personal, impactful advice. (According to Fidelity, 9/10 investors say they appreciate proactive guidance from advisors during pivotal life events.)
  • Your NPS (Net Promoter Score) massively increases if you provide holistic value and advice to clients.
  • Consistency is key. (It takes 7-13 touches before an affluent client meets with an advisor, but most advisors quit after 4 attempts.)
  • The Bento Engine content and how it can be accessed through the FMG platform.
“When you lead with advice with life milestones, it may unearth opportunities that aren’t necessarily related. And when you do this, you build trust.” - Philipp Hecker
Supplemental Resources: You can get the slides here

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